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A strong role-model is down-to-earth and cares about the same topics everyday people care about. They inspire us to accessorize our lives with value, notice the wonderful parts we didn’t already see, and aspire us to reach for new heights in our thinking and actions. Here, some of the most follow-worthy celebrity blogs, surrounding issues in lifestyle, beauty, health, family, and creativity.  


Hello Giggles

Celebrities: Zooey Deschanel (New Girl, 500 Days of Summer), Sophia Rossi, called an L.A. “connector” by The Daily Beast and previously a talent producer on The Hills, & Molly McAleer, writer of 2 Broke Girls on CBS


Blog description:

Founders Deschanel, Rossi, and McAleer have launched a site with an intentional focus on providing topics for “smart, independent, and creative females,” though it’s notable to include that the site is very much for the quirky girl who appreciates “adorkable” humor. They state that everything on the site is “lady-friendly.” The litany of topics include Culture (categorized into “Cuteness,” “Entertainment,” and “Social Studies”), as well as Food, Friends, Love, Style, and Work. The site also includes pictures, video, polls, and “Cute Cams” (think furry animals that are indeed very cute). If you have ideas to share, submit a blog post; Hello Giggles publishes reader contributions daily.

Link: Hellogiggles.com


What the Flicka

Celebrity: Felicity Huffman

Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka

Blog description:

Huffman has created a refreshing site for moms. Its sections include Food, Parenting, Books & Tea, Lifestyle, Relationships, Stories, and Entertainment; if you’ve ever spent too long laughing at baby videos on Youtube, you’ll love “Entertainment.” Her “Felicitations” section includes monthly posts from contributors as well as personal posts that draw on her experiences, often her experiences as a mother. In one March post she writes on her gratitude “that [at What the Flicka] we have created a safe place for parents to tell the good, the bad, and the ugly.”

Link: whattheflicka.com


Lauren Conrad

Celebrity: Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad

Blog description:

Ubiquitous on the web, Conrad boasts two fashion lines and multiple blogs. For an accumulation of the topics that matter to her, there is Laurenconrad.com. The website contains sections titled Wear, Primp, Get Fit, Dine, Decorate, Craft, Read, and Boutique and is truly for girls who love all things “style.” From recipes for cauliflower crust pizza and healthy protein cookie dough to her Tuesday Ten articles, LC’s page shows that understated, elegant, and beautiful things can be found everywhere, and that small details count.  Watch for her book club posts and live book discussions, get festive with her D.I.Y. ideas, or check out the links to her fashion collection sold at Kohl’s.

Link:  http://laurenconrad.com/

For more of Conrad’s projects, visit The Beauty Department, the LC Lauren Conrad collection, and Paper Crown fashion.



Celebrity: Hayley Williams

self-titled life

Blog description:

The red-head with girl power and rockin’ vocal cords is a hard target to miss. Is it a wonder, then, that she expresses her musings and appreciations through random Tumblr posts, like any red-blooded American? On Williams’ page you will find photos of things she likes (girls with dyed hair, the band New Found Glory, and 90’s movies are a few examples) as well as reblogs and posts from fans that caught her attention.

In one post, Williams congratulates winner Chelsea Wong for winning an “Ain’t it Fun” video contest with the accolade, “jazzzzzzzzzyyyyyy!!! congrats on winning but mostly congrats on your talent.”

Link: http://yelyahwilliams.tumblr.com/



Celebrity: Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson

Blog description:

Co-founder of Fabletics, an athletic clothing brand, Hudson has stated the importance to her of leading an active lifestyle and bringing “real everyday wear” to women. The Fabletics clothes themselves look comfortable, form-fitting, and fashion-conscious, while the blog (with several Hudson contributions) discusses Fitness, Fashion, Foods, Beauty, and Fitspiration, all with an emphasis on healthy living, from mindfulness meditation to types of high intensity workouts. Fabletics “Masters” post winners of giveaways and contests under Insider Access. You can also shop in Kate’s closet with Kate’s Picks from the brand.

Link: http://blog.fabletics.com/author/kate-hudson/


Celebrity: Jaime King

I Am Jaime King

Blog description:

The 5’9” blonde, most recently known as “Lemon” on CW’s Hart of Dixie, gives you a glimpse into a Hollywood actress and model’s life. Her posts are personal, much like following the Instagram of a friend who shares pictures of friends and places they’ve been. Captions are short and sweet, often following photo opts of celebrities such as Topher Grace, Ashley Benson, and Lana del Rey with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. King delivers a dose of humanity with her posts about delivering to animal shelters and banning the use of assault weapons.

Link: http://iamjaimeking.tumblr.com/


Julianne Hough

Celebrity: Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough - Singer, Actress, Dancer

Blog description:

Dancer-singer-actress Hough posts about her appearances and upcoming events, from her MOVE Live on Tour dance concert with brother Derek Hough, to film premieres such as Paradise. She blogs excitedly on the topics of singing, acting, and dancing, of course, but also has a section devoted to charities such as Autism Speaks, Kind Campaign, and Bright Pink—making her not only a talented triple-threat but one you’d like to get a cup of coffee with, too. Check out her recipes that look seriously yummy, as well as the Endorsements and Media sections for more of Hough.

Link: http://juliannehough.com/


Vanessa Lachey

Celebrity: Vanessa Lachey

vanessa lachey

Blog description:

Television host and an actress on FOX’s Dads, Lachey is wife of singer Nick Lachey and a new mother as of last September. She describes her page as being “curated especially for you” with a focus on “family, motherhood, health, beauty and style.” The site contains simple recipes and party hosting ideas, with some particularly heart-warming insights under the Motherhood & Marriage section (see her post on Nick’s lullaby album release and her Valentine’s Journal to son Camden).

Link: http://vanessalachey.com/



Hit Record Joe

Celebrity: Joseph Gordon-Levitt


Blog description:

Actor-director-screenwriter Levitt recently earned an Emmy for Outstanding Creative Achievement with Hitrecord, his open collaborative production company. Levitt says, “It’s a little bit different than your typical Hollywood production company because anybody with Internet can come contribute to our collaborative projects and this website is where we all come make things together.” For original artists, writers, musicians, filmmakers, and photographers, the site is a host for everyday creative minds to showcase their ideas, as well as to add onto and even alter others’ ideas. Levitt blogs shareable moments at Hitrecord on his Tumblr (see below).

Link: http://hitrecordjoe.tumblr.com/


John Mayer

Celebrity: John Mayer

John Mayer Posts

Blog description:

Despite popular opinion of his previous dating escapades, Mayer’s page houses some awe-inspiring goodies. There is the general tour blog that follows him on concerts, but then also his captivating cover of Beyonce’s “XO” and interviews with other musicians. Listen in as Mayer plays the Mario Brothers theme song or donates to ALS (with a song and then a bucket wash-down). Go directly to his Media section to hear official audio, or read about a cause he loves under Veterans Support.

Link: http://johnmayer.com/posts


Pharrel Williams

Celebrity: Pharrell Williams

Official Blog - Billionaire Boys Club and ICECREAM Clothing Boutique

Blog description:

Williams is a musical artist, N.E.R.D. band co-producer, and the Billionaire Boys Club and Icecream clothing designer with a brand of personal style all his own. The blog on the BBCIcecream page takes you through a peek of Williams’ world in fashion, music videos, song collaborations (see this Gwen Stefani pic), and performances. Relive his June 29 opening act for the 2014 BET Awards with surprise guest Missy Elliot, or watch Williams’ remarkable  G  I  R  L  exhibition at the Galerie Perrotin in Paris.

The blog also displays an affinity for technology and architectural marvels through posts such as the touch board device, the NASA jet with the telescope, the “Living the Highlife” tree house, the flying piano show, and the hidden pool in the Mojave Desert.

Link: http://www.bbcicecream.com/blog/


By day she is a teacher, by night she has aspirations of writing full-time. The youngest daughter of three, Sarah was always drawn to pen and paper as a means to express herself and find connection. Things that inspire her: womanhood, artwork, big cities, fashion, music, everyday people, good literature, poetry, her Asian heritage, and of course, a hot cup of tea. Sarah has lived in New Jersey her whole life and currently resides with her boyfriend and a fluffy cat named Quinn.

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