21 Year Old Florida Woman Claims she had Surgery to Add a Third Breast

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The internet has exploded with the captivating story that a 21 year old Florida woman had surgery to include a third breast. The young woman, Jasmine Tridevil, stated that she had to visit up to 50 plastic surgeons before she would find the one who would perform the procedure. While she does not release the name of the doctor who allegedly performed the surgery, she stands by her comment that this is not a hoax and she really did receive the surgery.

According to Doctor Douglas Steinbrech who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons, under the American Board of Medical Specialties, stated that “by developmental biology, this is anatomically impossible.” There is a line under her hand. It looks like a complete fake third breast prosthetic. She is cleverly wearing and hiding the sides with her hair on one side, while her cell phone is on the other side.

3rd brest implant2

In early September Jasmine Tridevil filed an incident report with the Tampa International Airport Police Department stating that she was carrying a breast prosthesis in her luggage at the time it was stolen. This report confirms that she was actually in possession of a prosthetic breast just a few weeks before she exposed her picture of allegedly having the surgery to add a third breast to her chest.

In addition, just last week, Jasmine was interviewed by a local radio station in Orlando Florida, where she said some unusual comments including “Well, I am crazy.” Then continued to say, “Crazy people don’t know they are crazy, so technically since I know I’m crazy, I’m not crazy.”

Jasmine reportedly has had a history of unusual behavior. In March 2013, she was arrested for identity theft at a Florida bar after using a stolen identification that she said she purchased off of craigslist. She was using the identification and alias Alisha Hessler at the time. Also in December of the same year, police lectured Jasmine for convincing a Florida man who had allegedly assaulted her to stand on the side of the street with a sign that read “I beat women. Honk if I’m a scumbag.”

While her unusual behavior and desire for the spotlight is obvious, she still has surprised many around the world with her picture of a third breast. Many believe it is a hoax, while she maintains her original comments that it is absolutely not a hoax and she did receive the surgery.

Jasmine is also stating that she will not release any details about the doctor, place or any further details regarding the surgery because she is planning to tell more about the situation on her reality television show. Some women feel that she has exploited herself and caused people to look at breast augmentation as a joke.

Many women around the world receive breast augmentation surgery every day. Most women seek the surgery for a variety of reasons, including, to improve their self-esteem, fix deformities, refresh their bodies after having children and many other personal reasons.

Breast augmentation provides women with much more than just a beautiful appearance. It affects their emotions in a positive manner by providing improved confidence in the way the look, a boost to their mood, positive self image and achieving the look they have always desired.

Jasmine Tridevil has either played an enormous joke on the world or she found the one plastic surgeon in the world that was willing to compromise his or her professional status by providing Jasmine with a third breast. Many plastic surgeons who are experienced and highly educated in the industry, including Dr. Douglas Steinbrech believe this type of surgery is anatomically impossible.

As time goes forward regarding Jasmine and her surgery, many will find that in the end, it is indeed a hoax. Plastic surgeons worldwide are hoping that women are not turned off from receiving the breast augmentation surgery they always wanted because of this one story about Jasmine. Plastic surgeons perform this procedure to provide a positive and healthy outcome for their patients and include a consultation just to discuss what is best for each patient prior to surgery. When you are looking for a plastic surgeon to perform your breast augmentation, be sure they are board certified in their state, just like Dr. Douglas Steinbrech. These are the doctors you can trust.






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