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Alaskan Reporter Quits on Air – Never Mind the Pot

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Alaskan Reporter Charlo Greene quits on air after revealing her involvement with legalizing marijuana. But never mind the pot, let’s look at the way in which this was done. Firstly, as a fellow TV Host I find the use of inappropriate language to do only one thing here. And that’s make Charlo look like she is dramatic and begging for attention. I am by no way an angel and use obscene language from time to time. However, there are many people out there especially in the Entertainment and Broadcasting industries who would love to have a job and Charlo’s actions were completely dismissive of any gratitude or appreciation of this fact.

Now I get it, Anchorage, Alaska isn’t exactly the biggest market for Broadcasting, let alone Entertainment, but a job is a job! Thousands of people come in and out of cities like Los Angeles and New York with hopes of landing some sort of job on camera whether that is hosting or even acting. And beyond these two industries, having a job period in this day in age is a rare. Why make such a grandiose exit to express support for a cause that already has millions of supporters nationwide?

Let’s look back at the infamous JetBlue Flight Attendant incident in 2010. Steven Slater made a dramatic exit down the emergency evacuation slide after an unruly passenger refused to sit down and accidentally knocked Slater over the head with his luggage. After 28 years of service, in this particular circumstance I can actually warrant that dramatic exit with the beer in hand and all. A 26­year­old opinionated reporter cursing on air to state an opinion, eh, not so much.

Point is this, dramatic introductions and conclusions are apart of life. We have all witnessed them and we have all participated in them. From the passionate first love story where one of you runs after the other screaming “Don’t Go! I love you,” to the grand exit at work, “F*** it, I quit.” As a human beings we make choices to allow our passionate and emotional side to rule a particular situation. Charlo Greene made her emotional passionate ending about pot. But the truth is, it was never about pot.


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