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Featured Model Antonio Lujak

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Antonio Lujak was born in Dubrovnik, Croatia and has recently moved to Los Angeles, USA to continue his very successful career as a fashion model and actor. Before becoming a fashion model, Lujak was a talented tennis player in his home country. After being discovered and having modeled for several jobs as a teenager, Lujak became Mister of Croatia at the age of 18. Then, at The Best Model of the World competition in Istanbul, he was noted “Most Charming Model.”
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Antonio Lujak has since worked as a model all around the world. One of his first notable jobs as a model was for a global Gillette Fusion campaign. Lujak began doing high fashion runway shows in Paris and Milan, as well as booking television commercials and print campaigns that have ran in major fashion magazines. To date, he has worked with a number of high fashion clients such as Roberto Cavalli, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Versace, OLYMP, Marco O’Polo, and many more. Lujak has been on the cover of Men’s Health Magazine, and featured in Glamour, In-Style, Maxim, and Hip Hop Weekly. His TV Commercial/Acting reel shows Lujak in action for brands like Mercedes-Benz, Gillette, NIVEA, Dolce&Gabbana, Vodafone, and Debenhams Cosmetics.
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