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Nicole Renee is a stunning brunette, bombshell who is taking the modeling world by storm. Most refer to this striking lingerie model as a triple threat! She is a perfect combination of smart, beautiful and funny. As if that isn’t enough Nicole Renee just received her law degree and is working to become a lawyer on the west coast. When she is not studying or traveling from shoot to shoot, she enjoys spending time at the beach and engaging in outdoor sports to stay bikini fit. Nicole Renee has been featured on the cover of several magazines throughout her career. She most recently graced the cover of the June issue of Prototype Magazine. Nicole has also done spreads for FHM international magazines. This stunner was also showcased on a Bravo television reality show. In the future, Nicole Renee plans to keep modeling and hopefully meld her legal skills and modeling into television analyst and spokes modeling positions.


Hi Nicole, you have a very unique look, what nationality are you?

I am Italian and German

Besides modeling what else takes up your time?

Law, mediation, real estate and investor ventures take up most of my time. I also enjoy outdoor activities whenever possible and spending time with loved ones

Which magazines have you previously been featured in?

Beer Magazine, FHM, Prototype Magazine and Radikal Magazine to name the most recent

What makes a picture perfect photo to you?

That is a tough question. I am a perfectionist so I hardly ever think there is a perfect photo of me but one that captures true, natural, effortless beauty is as close to picture perfect as it gets

Summer bikini or nightcap lingerie?

Bikini by day and lingerie at night

Where are you from originally?

I am originally from Canton, Ohio home of the Football Hall of Fame.

Do you speak any other languages?

I speak a little bit of Italian. I picked it up from my mom and grandparents

How long have you been modeling?

I have been modeling since I was a young child. It has always been a passion of mine.

Would you consider yourself high maintenance?

I don’t consider myself high maintenance at all but maybe that’s a question for the people closest to me. They might disagree 😉 I think there is a difference between high maintenance and being particular about what you want.

Have you done any other work in entertainment like movies or television?

I have done a few reality television shows and I have been featured in some music videos on Telemundo. I was recently asked to appear on the Shahs of Sunset

Would you watch sports on TV with us? If so, which sports?

I love to watch sports. I would be happy to watch with you. My favorite are Football, Baseball and Golf and sometimes hockey

What are some of the modeling projects you’re currently working on?

I have several things in the works right now… Let’s say I will be gracing the pages of a magazine in every Barnes and Noble nationwide September 1st. I’m also working on some projects with Internationally acclaimed magazines like FHM and Maxim and to top it off there should be another exciting surprise by the end of the year but I am keeping that a secret right now… shhhh

We’re ordering you pizza, what do you want on it?

Pepperoni, mushrooms, ricotta and sometimes pineapple

Tell us something weird about you…

I like to save the pretty boxes that my makeup and handbags come in

And what do you find sexy in a man?

I could talk about this forever but confidence, strength and the ability to take control comes first

If you were a man for a day, what’s the first thing you’d do?
I’m way too much of a girly girl to imagine being a man for a day

What is a typical Sunday afternoon like for you?

Sleeping in, going for run or hitting the gym and finishing the day poolside or at the beach

What’s the most romantic gift you’ve been given?

I think the most romantic gifts are the ones you least expect like a surprise delivery of 3 dozen pink roses just to say I love you or special pieces of jewelry that you can treasure for a lifetime. Those are some of the most romantic gifts I have received.

And what’s the most adventurous thing you’ve done?

I love outdoor sports and activities. I have never been bungee jumping but I would have to say free climbing or para sailing are right up there.

What’s the best meal you can cook?

That’s a really tough question. I love to cook and there are so many meals to choose from. I make incredible ravioli and Italian dishes but typically I cook clean healthy and gluten free. Grilled sea bass or salmon with mango salsa is always a go to favorite.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Apply to law school 😉

Do you walk around the house in your underwear?

I wear heels around the house. Let’s just leave it at that…

Do you enjoy social media or do you dislike it?

I have mixed emotions about social media. This is a question that actually hits home for me. I actually had to take my Facebook Fan page down because a very sick, jealous, insecure person was constantly harassing and defaming me. Social Media is an integral part of this job. You have to promote yourself and the magazines but sometimes I think it can be a detriment because you end up leaving yourself open and vulnerable to some really bizarre behaviors!!!! I can attest to that!!!

Brazilian cut or thongs?


What really pisses you off?

I get upset when people don’t follow through and do what they say they are going to.  

What are your tips for staying in shape?

Eat clean, lift weights and do cardio

What’s the weirdest part of being a model?

I don’t know if I would call it weird but it’s always a trip to see yourself on the cover of a magazine when you walk through a grocery store or Barnes and Noble. It’s weird in a good way!!!!

We’re buying you lingerie, Victoria’s Secret or Frederick’s of Hollywood?

Victoria’s Secret Bombshell

What female super hero do you relate with the most?

I’m not really into the superhero thing but Cat Woman wears some pretty hot acrylic body suits

We’re taking you on a romantic getaway, where are we going?

Anywhere there is a white sand beach with an ocean and the only thing I need to pack is a few bikinis and red bottoms.

If we gave you a million bucks and had to blow it in a day, how would you spend it?

I’m crazy about shoes and handbags. I would probably spend a lot of it there then invest the restin prime real estate on the beach

What’s the funniest thing that’s happened to you on set?

I caused a fender bender while shooting on the street, at night, wearing a tiny bikini in the middle of West Hollywood.  The poor driver hit the car in front of him. It wasn’t a serious accident thank goodness so we all got a good laugh out of it.

If we cheated on you, would you forgive us?

Forgive or forget??? I may forgive if you are lucky but never forget…

Photography: Shannon Jankula
Produced by: MUSE Publishing
Model: Nicole Renee
Styling: Raven Duran
Hair: Dana Corbitt
Makeup: Shannon Jankula


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