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Gotham Ben McKenzie Batman

Gotham: The highly anticipated adaption of Batman’s world, before Batman, kicks off the fall with it’s first season. The series follows a younger, jaded, Jim Gordon as he finds his way through the murky underground of Gotham City. Look for some of your favorites, ranging from Poison Ivy, a young Bruce Wayne, and Selina Kyle. It has all the qualities of a perennial favorite.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. : After giving us one of the biggest turnarounds of any show (a slow first half, and a dominating second), AoS looks to continue it’s grind to be as good in Season 2. Following the breakdown of┬áS.H.I.E.L.D. (and the consequences seen in Captain America 2), the team faces new and improved threats on the run. It seems to have hit a groove and has made up for last year’s issues. Don’t forget it is Marvel.
The Blacklist: Last year’s underrated piece on a man who comes to aid the FBI on those who are ‘blacklisted’, is back with more James Spader. The Avengers villain is back with more revenge and twists to keep us entertained for another year.
The Flash: Another super hero show in the vast field of comic based media, The Flash follows one of DC’s most famous speedster as he gets used to his powers and responsibilities. Barry Allen was introduced last year in ‘Arrow’, and the pilot quickly spawned a full season slate. Look for CW to keep it’s hold on the comic book game for a while.
Bad Judge: a judge who parties? Yep. Kate Walsh brings ‘Franklin and Bash’ into the world of judges, as she is a fun loving (and having) purveyor of justice who is now handling an 8 year old boy. The show looks fun and although probably cliche, should be fun fare for the fall.


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