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Biography Raphael, founder of G|B

Born 1979, grew up and still living in Zurich – Switzerland. Studied in universities in Zurich Business Administration (Bachelor) and Philosophy (Master), is working in the finance industry, unmarried. Passions: sport (running, skiing), family & friends, playing piano, movies, travelling, philosophy, art (painting), fashion and beauty. Inspired by all people with wonderful ideas, visions and creative power. We are here to learn, love, grow and to create.

Background information G|B

The idea of G|B was born when Raphael visited the Nymphenburg Palace in Munich 2 years ago (October 2012). King Ludwig I of Bavaria gathered between 1827 and 1850 in the south pavilion a collection of 36 portraits of the most beautiful women from Munich.  This collection became famous as the Gallery of Beauties.  Raphael was inspired by the idea and founded the first online Gallery of Beauties – G|B went online 17th September 2013. In one year G|B choosed from hundreds of applicants over 70 models and attracted more than 8’000 visitors. We ongoing enhance our network with professional modeling agencies, magazines, blogs, etc..

How it works: For free models can upload a high-quality / professional photo (no nudity) to the Gallery of Contestants. Visitors can like the pictures and together, based on their votes and with the professional opinion of selective jury, G|B will choose the most attractive women. These pictures will then be placed and forever eternalised in the Gallery of Beauties. Once established in social media and on Wikipedia, Gallery of Beauties will become part of history.

G|B is not a beauty pageant – G|B is beauty forever.

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