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The Intrigue Of Black Diamonds

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When people think of diamonds they usually visualize a crystal clear, sparkling diamond. Many people have in their minds that diamonds are supposed to be solitaires and never think about other cuts of diamonds let alone consider the different colors available for them. Black diamonds are a beautiful option for nontraditional engagement rings or jewelry in general.

Black diamonds are enhanced diamonds that have been treated with radiation to make their color come out black in appearance. When viewed under normal lights the diamonds appear black however when observed under fiber-optic light the interior of the stone is visible where you will actually see the stone is a very dark green. That dark green color is only seen in diamonds where radiation has been used to enhance the coloring.

Natural black diamond, which are less common are not treated and the black coloring comes from graphite inclusions. Usually natural black diamonds are opaque in color and remain very fragile and difficult for jewelers to work with. They are super delicate and polishing and finishing the diamond can be tricky.

When looking for black diamond pieces to add to your collection you should consider enhanced black diamond’s over “natural” black diamonds. The piece will stand up to the test of time and is still considered a genuine diamond to the world of jewelers. Black diamond’s that are set with contrasting clear “white” diamonds are absolutely stunning and classic. Black diamonds are becoming super popular. It is a gemstone that is rich in color and presence.

Black diamonds in custom pieces is becoming more common as well. Pearls and diamonds will always remain classic choices and will preserve through the ages. Black diamond’s added to classic pieces update jewelry from collections that have been passed through the ages. The combinations of white or black pearls with black diamonds are some of my favorite combinations. Pair this with white gold and I find it hard to go wrong. Jewelry pieces of this combination are absolutely stunning.

When selecting a piece of jewelry for you or for someone else as a gift the main thing to think about is the person themselves. Some people never wear dark pieces and are only attracted to colorful gemstones. For them black diamond’s might not appeal or need to be consider for an occasion piece. This way the receiver of the present will not feel the pressure that can come with pieces of jewelry. The last thing you want as the giver of a gift is for the person to dread wearing or using your gift. An occasion piece will prevent this from happening. Consider a cross in black diamond’s or a brooch if for the most part the receivers preference would not usually include something as dark as a black diamond.

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