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Alexander Wang Collection coming to H&M

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The announcement of H&M’s newest collaboration with Alexander Wang late last spring sent the fashion world into a frenzy of hysteria over what many presumed would be the “talk of the season.” Keeping in mind the unprecedented success of the previous collaboration with French designer-extraordinaire, Isabel Marant, Alexander Wang’s collection was presented with a monumental pair of figurative designer shoes to fill. With many things to be said of the collection, the most prominent is: expected.

Those who are familiar with Wang’s signature monochromatic style will find relief in the minimal variations presented throughout the collection. Along with various grays and a drop of blue here and there, the garments are absolutely noir-licious. The sporty-chic effervescence of the line shines brightest through it’s accessories and outwear. Though some items are seemingly more practical than others, who knows? Maybe boxing gloves might bring a new element of glamour mystery to your go-to winter wear. While the AW boxing gloves might be for novelty-purposes only, the backpacks and duffle bags are definitely the stars of this collaboration. Alexander Wang has proven time and time again that crafting durable travel gear is one of his strongest suits. The collection features somewhat of a pleather paradise, where jogging pants, ‘WANG’ logos, and embellished jackets peacefully coexist alongside a flurry of knits and a mirage of mesh tops.

Though eclectically styled for the sole sake of the lookbook, when separated, the pieces are much more practical and cohesive than they might appear otherwise. While a winter coat may not pair well with flat forms in reality, the coat itself is a fine example of brilliantly conceived construction. Many of the jackets boast classic AW ingenuity, complete with reflective, metallic water-resistant fabrics, ventilated torso zippers, and even a built-in leather baseball cap’s bill, allowing the urban warrior to brave all of winter’s harshest elements in style.

The beauty in Alexander Wang’s collection is the seamless blend of aesthetic, utility, and functionality shared amongst each and all of his creations. The blend of textures, rather than colors, is what Wang accentuates in his clothing. In other words, black is the new black. Additionally, Wang’s refusal to compromise on his silhouettes, though unconventional, is a bold, but noteworthy choice for this collection. All in all the collaboration stays true to it’s roots despite it’s lower than lizard prices, and shows-off Wang’s versatility as an industrial designer for the urban masses.

Can’t wait to get your hands on some of the newest pieces from Alexander Wang x H&M?

The line will make its debut in select H&M stores, as well as on the store’s website on November 6th.

Images courtesy of H&M


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