Fashion Forward Dubai: Bird on a Wire by Rayya Morcos

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The relationship between hunter and prey is a fascinating one. Rooted not only in the animal kingdom between two different species, the hun is present between creatures of the same species. The hunter so dominating in a situation of power, transforms instantly to become frail and weak when faced with a more powerful creature.

This thin line of transformation is what the collection explores.

A clash of frailty and power is analyzed through transparencies versus stiff, shiny fabrics and spikes and softness whilst keeping a silhouette of a creature ready to either run or jump from its opponent.

Photography by: Ian Gavan & Stuart Wilson

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Saman is quintessential Dubai -- of Pakistani heritage, brought up in the US and settled in cosmopolitan downtown Dubai. She attended fashion school in NY after which she pursued successful careers in fashion merchandising and marketing. Saman is now telling stories about trend setters and innovators in the fashion, art and design world. These stories talk about, the source of their creativity – what lies beneath, what is the source of their creativity, drive, passion, inspiration and secrets. She wants to search for creative people and tell the story of their creative journey, whether in fashion, art or design. She hopes readers of Social Magazine Dubai will be inspired and feel a connection with Dubai lifestyle, fashion, art, design and culture.

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