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For Spring Summer 2015 The Emperor 1688 looks to memory, memory of travel, memories of adventure, to a time where smart phones and pictures were not as instant as they are now. The focus of the collection shifts to a time when our memory was the only source we had to remind us of our adventures abroad. Specific colours, textures and fibres trigger a memory once you are home, back to your urban life.

 This season the Golkar brothers look specifically to Monsieur Yves Saint Laurant and his adventures in Morocco and his lifelong obsession with the North African climate.  He returned home to Paris with a sense of romance he attached to Morocco.

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The Golkar brothers looked specifically at colours that are synonymous with Yves Saint Laurant’s Morocco, from the blues of Le Jardin Majorelle, to the earth tones of the deserts of North Africa and the dusty tones of the summer skies.   Using prints and woven fabrics that trigger a subtle memory of North African Art and Architecture.

Photography by:  Ian Gavan Stuart Wilson





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