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Get in their Lane: Online-Only Fashion Brand ‘Everlane’ Eliminates Store-to-Consumer Costs

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The Philosophy:

I first discovered Everlane on Instagram, and was struck by the sleek, minimalistic, and graceful design of a pair of shoes from the brand, as well as the poetically catching name, “Everlane.”

After visiting its website, I quickly learned that the company serves a deeper purpose. Everlane, an almost three-year-old name, is a fashion company that does it differently and has a fresh perspective when considering the consumer. They challenge the status quo of fashion as an online-only company. By directly selling from their website to you, costs of shipping, packaging, and maintaining a physical store are eliminated. This means less to spend for the customer and an overall thriftier buying philosophy when compared to traditional retailers.

The Everlane website states, “Know your factories. Know your costs. Always ask why.” Their brand thrives off the idea that shoppers should be informed, and are encouraged to learn, about all they buy, and they provide retailers’ typical prices alongside the marked-down prices of their items.

The Clothes:

Described as “luxury basics,” Everlane boasts quality tops, sweaters, jackets, backpacks and totes, scarves, and leather goods using materials such as Italian leather, Chinese cashmere, silk, Merino wool, and lightweight cotton. Browsing through their basics and accessories, Everlane seems fitting for the modern girl content with rising above the trends; she cares about style but also the longevity of her clothes. Guys, I wouldn’t be surprised if you flocked here, either—with clothes that are simple yet fashionable and incredibly comfortable, I have a feeling you’re impressed.


If you’re like me, you’re less intrigued by a basic shirt or sweater and more interested in Everlane’s strappy sandals, shoes, bags, and wallets. Check out the Petra Crossbody bag in nautical colors brown/navy or the Modern Loafer in an understated olive. If you insist on a classic, warm up with their cashmere sweaters for fall (“Spice” is beautiful), or my personal favorite, the Silk Pocket shirt in Red Clay.


Take 30 seconds to sign up for the online site, and when friends who you invite make their first purchase, earn a $25 credit to shop. If you know a trend-setter or two who is all about fresh-minded clothing (and likely to buy), go crazy! Invite them!

Visit Everlane’s blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more.


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