“Is 50 Cent Quietly Becoming the New Dr. Dre?”

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He would never admit it, of course – 50 can credit Dre for his rise to fame under his tutelage. That’s part of who Dre is: business mogul, producer, and mentor.

2014 Hot 97 Summer Jam Concert
All of those titles can be accredited to 50 Cent as well. He just released a new album, is continuing his acting career, participating in philanthropy, has his own line of headphones and G-Unit is appearing on magazine covers…

His critically acclaimed show Power is so enthralling that, when I had to stop an episode in the middle because of an appointment, my friend would say “Watch Power” every time I asked what he’d like to do.

50 is everywhere, with everyone, and always with his crew. He’s mentored several contemporary hip hop artists, including The Game.

His line of headphones, SMS Audio, while not having the fame of Beats by Dre, are doing something different. He’s making innovative headphones that can also track your run. It’s actually groundbreaking, in terms of the market. His partnership with a tech company to create headphones that also track your
run has the potential to disrupt the headphone industry. Everyone wears headphones now… they can turn from being necessary to absolutely essential, by doubling as another tech gadget in one[1]. His transformation to businessman is complete.

 Remind you of anyone?

The similarities are stark. Both had the knack of being in the spotlight, yet always being under the radar. People tell me that he doesn’t actually participate much in the party lifestyle that he’s seen in. Instead, he shows his crew a good time and makes the appearance everyone wants: the 50 Cent.
He’s an enigma… Just like his mentor.

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