The 3.2 Million Dollar Comic Book

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Comic books have always been seen as the epitome of a child item; with the plethora of pictures, minimal words, and bright colors. Growing up, it was a way for my grandmother to shut me up so I don’t ask for candy. Many of my books went the same way as the candy wrappers; in the garbage. Yet, after this weekend, I doubt anyone would make that mistake again.

Over 70 years ago, two kids wrote a comic book about a guy with super strength, heat vision, and a terrible secret identity (really? Glasses?). It was a big hit, and not the last for the man who would become Superman. The inaugural issue (Action Comics #1) which cost a paltry ten cents , was just sold for 3.2 million dollars to Stephen Fishler and Vincent Zurzolo, the co-owners of www.ComicConnect.com. The book which was published in 1938, has been the holy grail of comic book collectors. It’s grade of 9.0 (on a scale of 10), was also the highest that has been ever found. Most comic books (like any paper based item) fray and yellow over time. This particular copy was inadvertently kept in a cedar chest in West Virginia. There are an estimated 100 copies left, in various conditions, of Action Comics #1.
As a comic enthusiast, seeing the gem up front was awing. It also made me regret smudging my chocolate laden fingers all over those collectibles as a child.


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