Would you pay $50 for this nail polish?

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Mr. Louboutin is up to his tricks again, and well-heeled diva’s everywhere are falling in line.  It’s no great surprise that Christian Louboutin’s entry into the cosmetic world would be anything less than epic.  With his introductory nail polish in the designer’s signature color “Louboutin Red”, this seems to be on every fashionista’s fall must have list.  But seriously,  is this lacquer laced with gold or some special ingredient that could justify the unusually high price?  Even compared to other high end designer polish (Chanel, Tom Ford, and Marc Jacobs) who retail at no more than $34, this could be considered the holy grail for nail porn.  As Christian would say “There was no reason to add an ordinary product to the beauty category”.
     The fact is that every woman wants to feel luxurious and sexy.  When you see a woman wearing those infamous red bottoms, you immediately know two things; She paid a lot for those shoes and she feels extra vamp when she wears them (you can tell by the strut).  The feeling of glamour is in every detail.  Even women who have never owned a pair of Louboutin’s can have a small piece of beauty to place on their vanity.   So, all things considered, what a small price to pay for feeling…extraordinary!


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