Bill Cosby pushing pudding pops … and pills?

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Do you remember reading about Rick James holding a woman against her will, tying her up, and forcing her to have sex? No? How about that time Sean Penn was charged for domestic assault against, then wife, Madonna? Within our American celebrity culture, we seem to get amnesia when it comes to our beloved stars. When scandals first break out, there is a huge media storm. Every media outlet makes it a huge point to shove whatever horrible thing they did down our throats. It’s almost impossible to escape it. Then, within a few months, the tabloids simply stop talking about whatever ‘it’ was. The accused celebrity settles outside of court, or comes out with a show, or has a new movie that’s really awesome, and, just like that, they’re instantly redeemed.  Due to recent, disturbing allegations against Bill Cosby, I wonder, will he receive a “Get Out of Jail Free card?”

What’s really surprising is the fact these allegations aren’t new. They span back to March 8th, 2005 when Andrea Constand, the former director of operations for Temple University’s women’s basketball team filed a lawsuit against Cosby claiming that he had drugged and molested her in her home. Despite this, the lawsuit was dropped, because a local prosecutor declined to file the charges. Within Constand’s report, twelve other women are mentioned. After that, a second woman, Tamara Green goes on the Today Show and accuses Cosby of giving her pills and molesting her. Cosby responded to these allegations by denying that he molested any of the women. Barbara Bowman, one of the women mentioned in Constand’s report, relieves her anonymity, and tells People she too, was sexually assaulted by Cosby. I don’t remember reading or hearing about any of this. I would assume, given the nature of our media that this would’ve blown up sooner.

A clip of Hannibal Buress’s standup from October, in which he blatantly calls Cosby a rapist during the show, went viral. This clip then prompted the Daily Mail to publish more in-depth details about Barbara Bowman’s accusations against Cosby. Shortly after, Buress tells Howard Stern that he has called Cosby a rapist for months in order to draw attention to it. In addition to that, supermodel Janice Dickinson, has recently emerged with her own accusations against Bill Cosby drugging and sexually assaulting her. Now, here we are, in another infamous American media storm. I haven’t been able to Google Bill Cosby without “sexual assault” being attached to it. I’m not sure how this’ll pan out, but, I guarantee you, when/if it does, we’ll all be eating pudding pops again, without batting an eye.


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