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As a young girl Sruthi Narasimha dreamed of the fairytale lifestyle of luxury and high end fashion.  But, in a world where industries sacrifice the health of our ecosystem for increasing profit, living the lifestyle she dreamed of would go against her own moral beliefs.  This terrifying thought had placed her in a dilemma where one part of her heart pushed her to chase her dreams in fashion while another exhorted her to consider the environment.    But, after a three-year-long eye-opening journey, she discovered a way to create a striking balance between two diagonally-opposite worlds.

Owl Fashions

Owl Fashions

Often industries inflict an unwavering damage to the environment leading up to the dwindling of rivers and forest regions, and the extinction of several species of plants and animals.  The fashion industry is often under scrutiny for causing many of these issues in the environment.  Narasimha felt ”the fashion industry is a place which consumes and is responsible for large volumes of synthetic fabric using hazardous chemical materials.”  With that in mind, she decided to launch her own eco-friendly company in order to make a difference and stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Forging ahead with this message, she created alternative ways of utilizing organic and recycled materials.  Her innovative fabrics include unconventional materials such as pineapple,   beech-wood, banana, milkweed, aloe vera and tapioca.  By using these natural materials Narasimha created something entirely new to the ‘synthetic’ fashion world and provided her with a solution to create upscale, luxury fashion without compromise.

‘The end justifies means’ is one argument that Narasimha never agrees to.  Her focus is on how the profit is made rather than how much profit is made.  “If this idea is popularized and garners more support, companies will keep the environment in mind, and it will bring significant change.”  Continuing to produce  without the environment in mind will eventually lead to the obliteration of our ecosystem and puts the entire humanity in a perilous situation, which may even turn into the beginning of the end of human race.

To serve the society in a right way Narasimha created environmentally-conscious business model would fit the bill in her opinion. Firmly based on these principles, her design label, OWL Fashions, manufactures their own fabric through eco-natural raw materials. The company employs local laborers.  She supports the empowerment of women and less-privileged people in addition to her contribution in saving the environment.   “It’s a great adventure!  To inspire normal girls who are putting their life in agony thinking about beauty. Be yourself and happy. “ and of course, keeping this world beautiful for generations to come while she does it.

For more information, visit owlfashions.com

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