International relationship coach Chokes women for a living.

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#TakeDownJulienBlanc—the hashtag and rallying call of men and women all across the globe petitioning against “pickup artist” and quintessential, violent, racist, douchebag, Julien Blanc and his employer, Real Social Dynamics. Blanc’s revolting pickup methods include choking women or grabbing their heads and pushing them towards his groin. Blanc has a series of stomach-churning videos in which he goes up to women and physically puts his hands on their throats, pursing their lips with his fingers to shush them. He has repugnantly named this campaign “#ChokingGirlsAroundTheWorld.” There are videos of Blanc teaching his army of sick pawns how to pickup Japanese women. According to Blanc, in order to seduce a Japanese woman you first push her head into your crotch, and than yell words like Pikachu or Tamagotchi to ease the tension.  Julien Blanc claims, as long as you’re a white male in Tokyo, “you can do what you want.” This isn’t just happening in Tokyo—it’s become a global scandal.

Thanks to the outrage on social media over this scumbag’s videos, Blanc’s Australian tour was put to an abrupt halt when protesters swarmed the boat his seminar took place on in Southbank. Blanc was forced to relocate his seminar, as The Como Melbourne hotel cancelled his reservation. The Bayview on the Park hotel, also located in Melbourne, posted on it’s Facebook page that Julien Blanc would not be welcomed at their hotel because they don’t condone violence against women and would not want to be associated with his brand. Groups of protesters shouted the words “walk of shame” to the plethora of young male attendees fleeing the scene.  Immigration Minister, Scott Morrison, made the decision to cancel Blanc’s visa, stating, “this guy wasn’t putting forward political ideas, he was putting forward abuse that was derogatory to women.”

I’m all for freedom of speech, but advocating violence and sexual harassment towards women is a step, needless to say, in the wrong direction.  The male audiences in his videos were outright laughing and clapping, condoning Blanc’s advice, which, is, in reality, just tips on how to sexually harass and abuse women.  Let’s not forget the cherry on top of this unappetizing sundae—the blatant amount of racism he regurgitates while talking about the different women he’s violated around the world. The million-dollar question remains; is it legal to kick Blanc out of a country simply because of what he says? While this man represents everything we should all despise, allowing a government to make that type of decision is a little scary. What’s worrisome is there is an actual demand for this low life in the first place. I guess, in a perfect world, we wouldn’t have to petition for governments or businesses to weed out sickos like him. Instead, people would have the common decency to not attend his seminars, let alone pay thousands of dollars to receive lessons on how to sexually assault women.


Chloe is a native San Diegan who moved to the Bay Area to study Advertising and Communication Studies at San Jose State University. Today, she is a new grad and a newlywed. She has always had a passion for writing and hopes to make a full time career out of it. She particularly enjoys writing poetry. Her favorite author is Charles Bukowski and her goto for inspiration is family, friends, her animals, music and her favorite books.

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