Lake Tahoe: A Tale of Two Cities

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If you’re looking for the perfect California weekend getaway, consider choosing Lake Tahoe as your destination. It isn’t just for the outdoor enthusiasts—Lake Tahoe, particularly the city South Lake Tahoe, offers a wide array of fun and entertainment for a variety of different people. The first thing that came to my mind when I first thought of Lake Tahoe was, obviously, the lake itself, which is mind-blowingly gorgeous. The Sierra Nevada Mountains are nothing short of picturesque themselves. My point is, it is definitely worth going just to see how strikingly beautiful Lake Tahoe is. The second thing that came to my mind was snow sports like skiing. It’s clear when you visit why it is one of the hot, popular spots for skiing and snowboarding.

Beyond all of that though, what makes it more interesting is the fact that Lake Tahoe is in both California and Nevada. In Nevada, it is legal to have casinos statewide and open alcoholic containers in public. All of that, however, is illegal in California. It adds almost a, very slight, Vegas element. Although it isn’t as wild, huge or cosmopolitan as Vegas is, the presence of the casinos still add more of a nightlife vibe. The suave clubs and restaurants’ in these massive resorts slash casinos appeal to a younger demographic. There several different types of cuisine in the casinos that ranges from upscale, fine dining to more casual, budget-friendly places. Either way, you won’t have to look far to find what you’re craving.

On the California side, it’s fun to spend the first part of your day walking through the woods, taking in all of the natural beauty. When I visited last weekend I had the pleasure of being able to witness the Kokanee salmon’s journey to spawn. It was definitely a special moment I will always remember. If you walk along some of the many trails long enough, you may actually be lucky enough to see a bear. Something, I, personally found terrifying, but for all of you nature adrenaline junkies, an exciting moment and great Instagram photo opportunity (no selfies, of course). We are always so engaged with our phones that it’s nice to take a break and get lost, safely, in the woods. After a relaxing day of sightseeing, or perhaps an action-packed day full of skiing or snowboarding, you can head to the Nevada side and gamble. Or, if it’s a Friday night, check out one of the casino’s clubs. Either way, no matter what kind of person you are, there’s something fun in Tahoe for you to do. So, whether you go to be mesmerized with Lake Tahoe’s natural beauty, or if you’re idea of beauty is triple sevens and a cocktail, you’ll be happy you made the trip.


Chloe is a native San Diegan who moved to the Bay Area to study Advertising and Communication Studies at San Jose State University. Today, she is a new grad and a newlywed. She has always had a passion for writing and hopes to make a full time career out of it. She particularly enjoys writing poetry. Her favorite author is Charles Bukowski and her goto for inspiration is family, friends, her animals, music and her favorite books.

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