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Shopping With The Celebs At AMCONYC Pop Up

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While most of the activity during New York Fashion Week centered on Lincoln Center, anyone familiar with the event knows how it really takes over the whole city. SOCIAL Magazine did the rounds and followed the trends, but our “home base” for the week was on the Lower East Side at the Adriana Marie Co. (AMco) “Fashion with a Purpose” pop up at 103 Allen St. from Sept. 8 – 10.

The objective of the pop up was to provide a platform for local designers, entrepreneurs and creatives to showcase their design to media, consumers and industry professionals. Without a doubt, that’s exactly what happened there.

Of course, Adriana Marie figured prominently into this showcase with her notoriously soft, cozy t-shirts and other apparel with her trademark “wow” factor sending a vibe of positive, motivating, and empowering messages and good karma.

Part of the brand’s DNA is AMco’s partnerships with non-profits, artists and musicians which draws attention not only to the brand itself, but to the causes and arts with which it is associated continuing its theme of positivity.

Also featured prominently were Ella Dania Made in New York handbags. Her handbags are custom designed and domestically produced using the finest leathers, gemstones and metal fittings. One particular eye-catching handbag featured and embellished dinosaur bone clasp which is buffed to a shine. Not only was this a unique feature of these handbags, it generated quite a bit of buzz at the pop up. It’s also worth noting that five percent of the purchase price of Ella Dania handbags goes to a non-profit organization that benefits women in need.

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Nothing finishes off an ensemble like quality jewelry. The AMco pop up drew attention to Irini Jewelry which is bold, classy, one-of-a kind pieces crafted from the finest sterling sliver, gold, diamonds and other precious stones.

In addition to these prominent players, the AMco pop up showcased other products and services such as: Stoli (who provided drinks on site), Cookie Republic (who served vegan, gluten-free cookies and snacks), Little Miracles Energy Drink, Uber, Vita Coco, and N4 Med Spa (full-service medical spa and hot spot).

The pop up drew in a few noteworthy high-profile people as well including Dwight Eubanks (“Real Housewives of Atlanta”), Steve Boi (stylist and designer for Lady Gaga), Christi (Oxygen Network’s “Brooklyn 11223”), Marisa (Bravo’s The Singles Project”), MNKRT, Stefani Vara (singer/songwriter), Michael Antonio (celebrity photographer), and Alisa Reves (Disney/Nickelodeon).

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In all, Fashion Week was great not only for Adriana Marie and her pop up shop, but for SOCIAL Magazine (given out in gift bags) as well. Everyone involved was excited about this year’s event and is looking forward to bigger and better things to come.

Visit her website:  www.amconyc.wix.com/amconyc

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Jack Raplee is a Queens native with over 20 years of journalistic experience covering industries as varied as entertainment, manufacturing, engineering and consumer electronics as well as hard news. Apart from writing, he has enjoyed additional exposure in radio work, standup comedy and modeling. While his career trajectory has brought him far and wide, living in places like Nassau, Bahamas; Sungnam, Korea; and Jackson, Mississippi he always seems to end up in his native NYC. Jack is currently working on a yet-to-be-titled book providing his unique perspective on his native Queens as seen from the table of a local diner.

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