Style tips from Dubai Stylist: Rania Aldawood

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Interview with fashion stylist Rania Aldawood.

Based on your years of experience how would you define the word “style”.

For me style is a collaboration of various elements of a person’s total look.A touch of panache & personal tweaks always turns the same looks into something spectacular. Style can be much more than fashion, fashion is a trend driven, current, while style is infinite & can transform the garments as well as the person wearing them.

 You work very intimately with your clients, what are “do’s “ and “don’ts” when styling.

Funnily, I don’t follow do’s & don’ts!
Even if my client’s initial reaction is  to want to wear a piece I haven’t chose, I always let them try it anyway. Working in fashion new trends & ideas come through all the time, but it can take time for someone to get used to a brand new look, or a new way of styling. As long as they feel comfortable, then they can pull it off anywhere. I have a fantastic relationship with my clients & only suggest looks I know will suit them, even if they are unsure at first. The only thing I would say “do” is keep an open mind & never be afraid to think outside the box!”

 As a stylist could you think of yourself as an artist painting on a blank canvas? Could you share your thoughts about this?

Yes! I love to create new & exciting high fashion looks individual for the client’s particular taste.
I never create the same looks for any 2 clients, even using the same garment. Everyone needs to be individual & that means mixing things up & not repeating the same outfit. The fashion world these days is fast & widespread. Traditionally when someone was stylish or fashionable they usually had a signature style which they stuck to & were known for a particular look. Nowadays the same person can be a bohemian hippy in Isabel Marant during the day, turn into a contempoary muse in Alexander Wang & Proenza, & transform into a full on fashionista by evening in Victoria Beckham or Alaia.Fashion has never been so fun, the vastness of the trends means that we can literally reinvent ourselves on a daily basis.


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