Dr. Levine’s Top 10 Commandments for Beautiful Feet This Winter

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foot-care-for-winterHere are the top 10 Commandments for having beautiful feet this winter that put together by a NYC board certified pediatric surgeon Dr. Suzanne M. Levine, D.P.M.. Cold winter weather may bring dry feet, cracking heels, and other foot problems. It’s a good idea to keep your feet healthy and ready for action for spring and summer time when warmer temperatures arrive. Dr. Levine who has been named one of America’s Top Podiatrists by Consumers’ Research Council of America, an author of seven books and an inventor, has provided us with this list of 10 Commandments on how to keep feet looking healthy and beautiful this winter.

  1. Treat your feet like you do your face! A foot regimen is important; it should include a regular regimen of products. Once a week you should apply a foot mask which help keep calluses at bay. Try Dr. Levine’s signature Foot Facial Mint Mask. For a real holiday treat come into the Institute Beaute for a foot facial.
  1. Exfoliate in shower two or three times a week to prevent calluses. You can make an at home exfoliant using ¼ cup sugar, ¼ cup Kosher salt (sea salt), 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Not into DIY beauty projects? Not to worry, you can simply purchase Dr. Levine’s Thermal Exfoliating foot scrub which warms up for a heavenly foot experience.
  1. Cut nails straight across to help avoid ingrown toe nails.
  1. Use a little hydrogen peroxide on a toothbrush several times a week to whiten nails.
  1. When getting a pedicure bring your own instruments to avoid contact with a nail fungus. Changing socks often, spraying inside of shoes with sage, and wearing shoes made of natural materials to avoid sweating and break down of skin provide an atmosphere that is less likely promote foot fungus growth. 
  1. Write the alphabet with your toes. Take off your shoes and use your toes to make the motion of writing the letters of the alphabet on the ground. Do A to Z with one foot and then start with the other. If your legs ache or you have varicose veins, doing this throughout the day can help pump fluid out of the legs. Repetition is important: do ten repetitions for each foot. Exercising your feet will help to diminish swelling, cramping and the appearance of varicose veins.
  1. Make sure that shoes fit well- Best way to do this is to take a lunch break and shop mid day for shoes, this is when the fit will be most accurate. Always make sure you can return or exchange shoes as comfort can be a costly mistake. Natural materials are best because they allow your feet to breathe.
  1. Support your arches. When wearing flats always supplement arch support if it is not built in to the shoe.
  1. Switch Your Shoes. Rotate shoes daily. Take your shoes off during the day. Switch heel heights during the day to stretch out calf muscles. Let’s face it, as much as you would love to, some days you simply cannot stop, kick off or change your shoes to help reduce discomfort. Stuck in your heels on one of those non-stop days, relieve your tired sore feet with Stiletto Rx Spray. After a few sprits you can enjoy the rest of your day in comfort, well your feet can at least.
  2. Moisturize your nails and heels daily. You can try olive oil, make sure you wear socks for at least 30 minutes after applying to ensure you don’t slip. This is especially important during the winter months as skin tends to be dryer and more prone to cracks and heel fissures which can be painful. Try Dr. Levine’s Light Recovery Moisturizing Complex, it contains essential minerals and oils to restore moisture balance and improve overall skin health.

About Dr. Suzanne M. Levine, D.P.M.

suzanne-levine-dpm-circleDr. Suzanne Levine is a New York City based Board-Certified Podiatric Surgeon. Dr. Levine has been named one of America’s Top Podiatrists (Consumers’ Research Council of America) and is one of the most internationally acclaimed podiatrists in the industry. Dr. Levine is a Diplomat of The American Board of Podiatric Surgery and cofounder and Vice President of the International Aesthetic Foot Society. Her motto is, “Treat your feet the way you treat your face.” Dr. Levine is the author of seven books, inventions and frequently appears on network television shows. She operates Institute Beauté which offers progressive foot treatments, pain relief, surgeries, and solutions for overall foot health located at 855 Park Avenue in NYC.

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