High Society Canines

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It is no secret that man’s best friend extends beyond those boundaries as a part of the family. Celebutantes from Paris Hilton, Lisa Vanderpump, Miley Cyrus, to even Oprah, and other wealthy, elite have happily paraded their tiny, pooched, accessories around Hollywood, practically making them alumni in their own right. Their dogs have basked in the high life from lavish meals, luxurious ambiance, exotic travels, designer duds, extravagant grooming, and grand indulgences beyond one’s wildest dreams. We have often criticized these influencers for pampering their beloved with such fancy, decadent, and expensive treatments, but the trend has recently shifted. The overall improvement for the quality of your canine’s life is leading the forefront in high end solutions.

Maximum K9 Services and Nutrition is proud to be taking training, obedience, and overall, optimal health for your canine to the next level with a different type of high-end living. Owner Joseph Secreti, radiates his passion and commitment to the true “high quality lifestyle” introduced by his family operated facility.

The key word here is “family”, as Joe truly understands the meaning of word, how it benefits in providing the personal touch to his services, and how important your pet is as an extension of yourself. Joe’s experience has lead him to have a lifelong involvement with canines as a superior pet owner, and as an advanced, certified, competitive trainer. He has developed a program and facility that focuses on the ideal well-being, and comfort of your pet while offering the very best in training and obedience services.

Maximum k9 employs only the leading certified, professionals building a team of highly acclaimed and accomplished trainers. Advanced specialty services range from formal AKC judging, AKC obedience, conformation showing, agility, IPO , personal protection and professional scent detection services.

Maximimun k9 also caters to a softer side offering programs more family-friendly like Puppy Kindergarten, Obedience: Basic to Advanced, Sport Training and other activities that will ensure fun, while instilling happiness into your relationship and companionship lasting for an entire lifetime.

Advantages of their quality grooming salon is the ultimate in amenities, atmosphere, and treatment to optimize your canines overall beauty, health, and wellness. A combination of a retail and training facility, Maximum k9 is the one stop shop home to over 3000 square feet of fully matted and equipped, indoor heaven for your pup. Maximum k9 is also an advocate and supporter of the Raw Food Diet among canines. The staff is extremely well-versed in educating individuals who are interested in transitioning their dog to the nutritious diet that nature intended. As a family they stand by their mission to encourage pet owners, and to promote the benefits of the wide range of raw food diets available

Their goals and reach expand beyond the walls of their luxury canine facility as they have opened up an online platform for all canine needs, supplies, food, accessories, supplements, treats, and beyond. Their family oriented, yet professional training services and facility separates them for any other standard in optimal dog care that we have seen in the past.

Living the dream has a whole new meaning as Joe and his team understands the benefits of improving all aspects of your canine’s life rather than just dressing them up in doll clothes with diamond encrusted collars.

Maximum k9 launches this contemporary, authentic brand and style of enthusiasm, love, and cutting edge professionalism, which transfers into their guaranteed, progressive training methods and techniques, ensuring lasting relationships with their clients. With this wealth of knowledge and experience, Maximum k9 will best personalize the ultimate training package suited for you and your dog, getting to the root of the problems for immediate results!

At Maximum K9 Service, you will feel like part of the family! Now that is high society…

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Article By: Jessica Schirripa


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