Interview With E News Host: Stefania Taborda

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Question:  So what has your biggest accomplishment been so far?

Answer:  The biggest accomplishment that I have so far is to be part of the E! Entertainment family, it’s a beautiful and enriching experience where I learn a lot and enjoy everything I do.. It has been an admired channel since childhood.,  We have an amazing  team and I love everything they do with the show, I’m very happy to be on the network.

Question:  What’s your favorite part of your job?

Answer:   I love this opportunity because i travel alot, I learn about different cultures, Gastronomy, night life and I love to share my passions with others because it becomes less work and more passion.

Question:  Will you eventually pursue acting?

Answer:  I identify myself as a TV host but I will always be ready for any other job offer in the entertainment world.  I’m constantly working on all areas with the best teachers here in Mexico, so I will be prepared for all opportunities.

Question:  Where you the nerdy girl in high school transformed model? Or did you always have the looks of a super model?

Answer:   To be honest during my early years I was very normal, I didn’t have the body or the face of a super model.  After  high school I went to college to study international business and one day I was invited to a beauty contest and this was the pivotal  moment in my life.  That day I realized entertainment was my calling.

Question:  What’s your favorite city? And why?

Answer:  I had the opportunity to travel several times to  TEL AVIV in Israel also known as “The City That Never Sleeps” It was the first modern Jewish city in Israel and  offers continuous entertainment, culture, art, festivals and a lovely night life.  I really love the Jewish environment as well as the Arabic experience but TEL AVIV make a big difference leaving behind their Religion and fanaticism showing a modern world without losing the essence of their culture.

Question:  You’re in such great shape. Tell me what’s your daily workout routine?

Answer:  I owe my body to the hard work at the gym and having a healthy diet. I try to go to the gym every day at least one hour per day.  I love to be thin and toned so my routuine involves lots of cardiovascular work and very little weights, however the most important thing to have a nice body is to know how to eat healthy.  I am very strict with every meal.

Question:  Ok who’s hotter! Brad Pitt or Gerard Butler?

Answer:  Between Brad Pitt or Gerard Butler…. Mmm both are very handsome and attractive however I would say  Gerard Butler.  He speaks to every female with the eyes.   In the movie 300 when he was the spartan king Leonidas, He captivated the world with his nice body and amazing performance.



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