The Premier of Johnny Manziel.

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The time everyone has been waiting for has happened… Johnny Manziel starting for the Cleveland Browns. After Brian Hoyer’s horrible performance in last Sunday’s game against the Indianapolis Colts, Mike Pettine felt “it’s natural to lean the other way given the results.”

Brian Hoyer, who has a QBR of 76.4, has completed less than fifty percent of his passes and threw 8 interceptions in the past month. In last Sunday’s game, he didn’t throw for a touchdown, instead he threw for two interceptions. Poor throws and terrible footwork makes for a bad combination and leaves you benched.

After the overthrown pass to Josh Gordan in the third quarter, Johnny Manziel could be seen mumbling on the sideline “I would’ve f——- hit him.” Manziel has been impatiently sitting on the sidelines, awaiting his opportunity to show the NFL what he can really do. That’s the scary part for the Browns, they don’t know what he can do.

This isn’t the NCAA anymore, it’s the NFL and NFL defenses will be breathing down his neck and anyone who watched him during his Texas A&M years knows he has a habit of scrambling out the pocket. It could be a good thing; it could be a bad thing. He’s more mobile than Hoyer with a stronger arm and quick energy. We witnessed that during the Buffalo Bills game. He’s more entertaining, that’s for sure.

Manziel is being pushed into the spotlight right before the playoffs and a must-win situation against the Cincinnati Bengals. No pressure… He’s got something to prove and a job he wants to keep. All eyes on you.

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