Ashley Morrison: A Journalist In An Ever Changing World.

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Question:   As a journalist in an ever changing world, how hard has it been to keep up with social media and the way it has taken over reporting the news?

Answer:  Social media has absolutely changed the way that we cover and report the news. It has its pros and cons. It’s another source of information but at the same time it feels like almost another full-time job always needing to post your own information to all the different sites.

Question:  Florida is a new venture – how are you liking it? Has there been any glaring differences between working up North than down South?

Answer:   First,  I absolutely love working in South Florida!! Covering local news in South Florida has been a big change from covering international business news at a network. There’s the obvious difference of content, business news versus local news but it is a change that I have welcomed. I enjoy covering local news very much. I enjoy being part of a community. Working at my new station WSVN has been wonderful, it’s like being part of a family. from my first day everyone there made me feel a part of the team. I’ve been very lucky at the station that I ended up at. I of course, also like the weather in South Florida much more than I did in the Northeast! Lol!

Question:  Miami is an incredibly social environment, at sometimes even more so than New York. Are you enjoying that aspect of it more? And not just for the white sands and clear blue water (although I am sure that is a factor).

Answer:  Miami and South Florida in general is an incredibly social environment but a lot of the social activity is outdoors because the weather is so nice all year round so that is different from New York. I think people want to get out more in South Florida too because when it’s warm and sunny and nice outside it makes it easier to do so.

Question:  You have a 9 year old son, Jack. I am sure he is more in touch with media than you’d hope so. Does he get to watch your show, and what’s his take on his mom being on TV?

Answer:  My son Jack is nine years old and pretty much the only tv he likes to watch is football games, basketball games or baseball games. He is not old enough to be on Facebook or Twitter or any of those sites. I’ve been on TV since he was born so yes he’s aware that his mom is on TV. Until he was about five years old he thought that’s what everybody’s parents did for a living. When he was little he used to watch me on TV but that was only because he didn’t understand how I got in there. Now he doesn’t watch me on TV. It’s not that big of a deal to him at all.

Question:  Tennis was an avid part of your upbringing, even being All-ACC at NC State. Was going pro something you wanted to do? Who do you enjoy watching today? How was your serve? Think you can take on a Williams sister?

Answer:  Yes, tennis was a huge part of my life growing up. I never had a desire to turn professional though. At the level that I played at for so many years it was a full-time job, I was always traveling with practicing and when I was done at the end of college I had had enough.  I’m very happy though that I did play tennis at the level that I did for so long. It taught me a lot about discipline, commitment, self-motivation and being gracefully competitive. With my busy schedule still I really don’t have time to watch tennis but growing out my favorite was always John McEnroe. I would never want to be on the same tennis court as either of the Williams sisters. They would crush me. LOL!

Question:  Side Effects was one of Steven Soderbergh’s most ambition movies. He is known to be one of the most detailed directors as well as ‘journalistic director’, loving to delve deep into the meat of the story. What things did you take away from that set? Is acting in more films in your future?

Answer:  Being in side effects was a lot of fun and a great opportunity. Initially when my agent contacted me and told me that Steven Soderbergh wanted me to be in his movie I said no. I really didn’t have a desire to be in a movie and my schedule was so hectic and busy I didn’t know how I could possibly have time to do it, but my agent said oh yeah, you’re going to do this and I am so glad that he did. Steven was super nice, Jude Law was very nice as well and we all had a lot of fun shooting the movie. Running all over the streets of New York screaming at Jude Law for hours and getting paid to do it was a pretty fun time.

Question:  Anything you particularly miss from New York? Bagels? Traffic? Snow?

Answer:  I miss a lot of things about New York. I miss my friends, Central Park, the pizza, I miss sitting outside at the sidewalk cafés and eating. I miss being able to meet up with friends in the city for lunch or dinner. I loved being able to walk everywhere. I miss the city at Christmastime and the first snowfall of the year is beautiful the way it makes the city all white.

chris algieri- ashley morrison-social magzine

Boxer Chris Algieri. Ashley Morrison & Big Daddy Richard Salgado.

Question:  You work with St. Judes on a variety of events and what not – how did that come about?

Answer:  I became involved with St. Jude’s through my friend Richard Salgado. I was part of his event the “Big Daddy Celebrity Golf Classic” and through that and my friendship with him I knew that I wanted to become more involved. We just did an event on Long Island at Tiffany in December called “Champions for Charity” to benefit St. Jude’s. It was a huge success. And we are in the preliminary stages of putting together an event here in South Florida to benefit St. Jude’s. It’s a cause that’s very important to me as a mother myself.

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