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Bonnie-Jill Laflin: First and only NBA female scout for the Los Angeles Lakers.

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Question:  So you’re the first and only female scout for the NBA-Los Angeles Lakers.  What’s your most difficult challenge? 

Answer:  Well when I was scouting the biggest challenge I faced as a scout was convincing people that a woman really could do the job – you’d be surprised how many people thought I was there to scout cheerleaders (!) A woman in a man’s world is always under much more scrutiny, having to prove yourself. And travel – seemed like I was always on the road to or from somewhere! Now my career is sportscaster.

Question:  What motivated you to take on this challenge? 

Answer:  I was working as a CBS sportscaster covering the Lakers, and I would get into long, in-depth conversations with their owner, Dr. Jerry Buss.  One day, Dr. Buss said they were thinking of trying a female scout, and the rest is history!

Question:  Does the fact you are the only female drive you to work harder because you need to show you can do the job better or just as good? 

Answer:  I’d like to believe I would work just as hard even if I didn’t need to – because I love the work enough! I love to prove people wrong.

Question:  Is this your dream job? 

Answer:  Definitely a step in the right direction – I hope to own my own professional sports franchise someday..that is my dream. Dream big!

Question:  So you also model as well for some major publications.  Is this something you do for balance or just another passion? 

Answer:  I’ve been modeling since I was a child, my first job was for Baby Gap. Modeling has given me so many chances to see places and do things I might not have gotten a chance to do otherwise – I even lived in Japan and Spain. I’ve had many international and national campaigns plus many major magazines..I have been blessed to have a great modeling career. Plus I’ve always looked at my public persona as an opportunity to bring the public’s attention to the causes that really matter to me – my charities, support for the troops and animal welfare.

Question:  Do you eat nutritiously? How often do you exercise or go to the gym? 

Answer:  Well, I am a vegetarian, so that makes me healthier. But I do have a major sweet tooth. I’m very into my workouts from spin, pilates, boxing, yoga and weight training. I try to workout 5 days a week.

Question:   I assume models are not perfect so when you have a cheat day what exactly would that be? 

Answer:  Pizza, Doritos, chocolate chip cookies or cupcakes..and my favorite Sour Patch Kids

 Ok so now for the fun stuff!

Question:   What do you sing in the shower?

Answer:  Well I’m a country girl..so you can hear me singing a lot of country music

Question:  Favorite Rap artist?

Answer:  I don’t listen to much rap but I would have to say Jay-Z! I modeled for Rocawear years ago.

Question:  Who’s your Hollywood male crush?

Answer:  Matthew McConaughey but old school wise, I love Clint Eastwood

Question:   Hottest female model/actress?

Answer:  Model would have to be Cindy Crawford and actress Angelina Jolie, she is not only gorgeous but does so much for charities. I really admire her.

Photography by:  MARIO BARBERIO

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