Edward Bass on Shooting Stars, Heaven, and James Franco

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Happy New Year to all; let’s talk about two parties I will be visiting this January. On January 9, Miley Cyrus, W Magazine, and Stefano Tonchi will present the opening night exhibition of Shooting Stars in Los Angeles, along with Barbara Kruger, Bill Viola, David Fincher, Francesco Vezzoli, George Condo, Jean-Baptiste Mondino, Juergen Teller, Mert & Marcus, Michael Thompson, Steven Klein, Tim Walker and Urs Fischer.

On the 10th of January, it’s “Heaven” the annual art of Elysium event which features a special installation by Marina Abromovich It will be individual beds for every guest, and according to the founder,Jennifer Howell you will truly experience heaven.

Marina Abramovic

Marina Abramovic

If that wasn’t enough, we all can experience the same heaven Johnny Depp does, at least for a brief encounter, as his girlfriend Amber Heard is the honoree.

Jennifer Howell and Amber Heard

How were your Holidays? I always do New Years Day on Christmas. These are lines of Jews hanging out because to the Chinese we all look alike; we could be Quakers. And of course the lines are worse New Years Day when all religions combined hit the only restaurants in town that are open.

chinese restaurants with captions

Lucky for me, I can spot a North Korean from a mile away, so then I headed to see THE INTERVIEW after. I took no chances, and brought my own North Korean bodyguard, Dennis Rodman.

Obama Criticizes Sony For Pulling THE INTERVIEW

All kidding aside, how proud we were of James Franco when President Barack Obama mispronounced his name, giving him some “Flacco”. Maybe he wanted him to have amnesty and he was thinking Paco. Why not then just call him Jaime Flacco? I have never heard James mispronounce his name.

I also got to spend some time with Nouriel Roubini celebrating Christmas with his gang. He is a top economist who predicted the stock marketing fall of 2008, and used to live one block away from me in TriBeCa. We celebrated New Years Eve at his home as he had 150 “close” friends over. In the past Oliver Stone,who cast him in WALL STREET 2, is one of the many notables who come to his home.

Nouriel  Roubini and Friends

Nouriel Roubini and Friends

Now since you don’t get more inside than me, let’s go to IMDB and figure all the connections out. Amber did THE ADDERAL DIARIES, which James produced and stars in, Franco is an artist who truly supports art of Elysium and Voila, now you get it. FYI, James didn’t waste a moment. He just wrapped ZEROVILLE with Megan Fox, Seth Rogen, Will Ferrell.

James Franco and Edward Bass on the set of ZEROVILLE

James Franco and Edward Bass on the set of ZEROVILLE

Interestingly enough if you are familiar with the novel, it’s very serious, but you know comedians are always/usually great actors. Now if that cast could do the INTERVIEW 2 with Isis as the subject — now I am truly losing my head.

So, I am going to take you just till January 10 and not tell you about the dinner party I am going to in Sundance with Art of Elysium hosting for several films in the most spectacular house in Park City. How spectacularly well CAA had their event there last year! Well, here are a few details – Art of Elysium will be hosting a pre-dinner with Film 71, then opening it up to 300 people for dinner with a celebration of the films I AM MICHAEL and YOSEMITE, along with ELYSIUM INDUSTRY Theater/Film Programs.

We aren’t staying at the Fred Smith home, as he founded and owns Fedex and I am always late. He was also a marine captain in Vietnam, so since we are always late and he insists it absolutely positively has to be on time, and since we rarely shine our shoes and most importantly since we weren’t invited.

We will be at the Waldorf Astoria in Park City and then we will be at Tao trying to position for the best table. I will bring Bill Cosby who was on top of the world, had the contract as a pitchman for Nescafé and just last week got unfriended by OJ Simpson and Charles Manson. Speaking of Manson I got a discount using his name walked into a store they gave me my special price and I asked how much for Charles Manson they responded “the same”.

See you next week and remember the column is unique not everything you read has to make you smarter.

Next week we will feature an interview with the very talented Henry Hopper who just did the film with James and is at Slamdance. We will also ask him what was life like growing up with Dennis Hopper, who defined the 60s with EASY RIDER and many others.


Henry has worked many times with Rabbit Bandini Co., managed by Vince Jolvietteand I must say this column will always remain true to its high standards of protecting nepotism and defying every rule which journalist imagine they obey. So if you are looking for me to point out conflicts of interest, don’t you need do your research?