There’s More to the Gucci Beauty Line than Meets the Eye.

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The Gucci Beauty Line has made quite a stir since its debut a few months ago. But what was all the buzz about? Well if we have heard of any luxury designer, it’s Gucci. From fabulous purses and chic shoe wear, Gucci has always been known for its standout designs. The new beauty line is no different.

The line is based off of their six iconic colors from their past designs: gold, black, red, ottanio, bronze and copper. It was developed by Gucci’s creative director, Frida Giannini, and renowned makeup artist, Pat McGrath. With some of the greatest minds and best technology behind it, success was the only option for this new beauty line. The colors and pigments are well made and meant to last. And it’s not just your typical “long-lasting” type of makeup either.

Based on a number of reviews I’ve seen, one particular product that caught my eye. It’s the Power Liquid Liner in iconic black. The “power” part of that name is more than just an adjective that they used. Once this liner is applied and dried, it does not fade or smudge for at least sixteen hours. The liner is priced at $37 dollars, which is comparable to other designer cosmetic lines. For some this may seem cheap, but to others this price may even seem a little steep for a stick of liquid liner. But with its beautiful packaging and high-quality performance the price may just right. Whether this line is as great as everyone says it is, is up to you to determine. However, from our point of view it seems like it is definitely worth trying out. Every girl dreams of having liner that will last sixteen hours, maybe our dreams have finally come true thanks to the great minds at Gucci.




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