Spring 2015 Hair and Beauty Trends

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Here are a few ideas you can grab to get your hair and makeup glam bag upgraded for the upcoming spring 2015. So, what are you waiting for?? Let’s rush to take a look at the recent trends, see what you can bring into your beauty basket this spring, straight from the runway and give a treat to that diva in you!!


Yes, you heard me right and they are back!! You can flaunt this sleek and shine look with very little effort and it literally takes a minute or two. Just prepare your hair with some thickening mousse and then straighten it. Pull it into a tight low ponytail, which is smooth and sleek, yet voluminous.




Have you ever noticed that those cute, decorative bows, pearl hairclips and floral hair accessories come to your rescue to sport a girly look even on your bad hair days? The best part with these is, you actually put minimum effort into these, but looks like you took forever to achieve such perfect girly look!! Big floral hair pieces are the best bet to grab everyone’s attention towards those shiny strands of yours!!




When in doubt, go for a braid!! Be it a regular school day or a romantic date night, braids can always be your best buddies. And, did I mention that wet, slicked back hairstyle is all over the runway these days?? Why don’t you try to satisfy the cravings of that creative, stylish diva in you by combining the beauty of braids with the polished, wet, slicked back look? Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?


Okay, enough of the hair deets, lets jump onto my favorite part – MAKEUP!!




The minimal makeup look is the hottest trend recently. No thick loads of mascara, bye-bye extra-long fake lashes, no more cakey-looking foundations!! Flaunt a natural look with the minimum makeup and glowing skin!! Get your salon appointment set up for a good, refreshing facial or if you are a DIY diva, get yourself ready for an exciting, at-home skin pampering session!! Because, the better your skin is, the lesser the makeup you need!!Well, Of course, you need some extra boost to make that lovely skin of yours look extra flawless and glowing and for this, mixing your tinted moisturizer with brightening concentrate  and some nude lippies will do the trick!! Don’t believe me? Just give it a try, girl.




With Marsala being chosen as the color of the year by Pantone, deep berry lips are all over the runway. And competing with it, we can see the orange-red lip color!! Deep berry color has a sense of richness attached to it and this color definitely pops up to make that beautiful face of yours much brighter and attractive. Orange-red definitely flaunts that flirty yet innocent look!!








Traditional eyeliner is now replaced with the graphic eyeliner, where strips of leather, satin stickers and bright lipstick swipes are used to work magic on your eyes in the place of the boring, traditional eyeliner. Feeling adventurous and wanna sport something new this spring? Then, this is something you must try!!



Purple eye shadow can be the perfect for your spring nights – be it a party or a sleepover with your BFFs or whatever, the lavender eye shadow can go well with your colorful spring outfits. Going for blacks and browns can be heavy sometimes and heyy, those pretty eyes of yours are expecting some change this spring and why don’t you give that with a tinge of purple eye shadow on them?


Now, let us jump on to the exciting part – Nails.




Who doesn’t love to look at the overloaded bouquets of flowers on their nails? It is spring coming up and there are flowers everywhere!! And you need some floral on you too!! Nails can be the best place to speak out your love for the nature and the flowers. Also, don’t forget to try the double French manicures. They are fun and cute and you will fall in love with them, just like me. To achieve this look, first apply a thick arc of pinky-white nail polish on the top of your nail and when it dries, add a thin arc across the tip with any of your favorite pastel color. How awesome is that??


Last but not least, we have the star tattoos!!








I am beauty obsessed, “more of skincare, less of makeup” kind of girl. Writing about health and beauty is my passion. I love to experiment with different beauty concoctions and come out with magical recipes for skin and hair care. I follow a healthy lifestyle, eat organic and love to do yoga. I love to read books on Ayurveda, yoga and beauty. I am a crafty person who loves to make cards, scrapbooks and DIY room decors. I strive to keep my readers updated on the beauty trends, DIY skin/hair care recipes, health and fitness tips, fashion /beauty hauls, healthy recipes and sales.

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