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Every restaurant has a story.  Mark D’Andrea, the son of Anthony and Joanne D’Andrea has kept the legacy of The RoadHouse alive as they celebrate over 40 years in the business as a Staten Island staple. It is a true love story carried through with passion as they have continued to deliver their hometown natives and extending beyond the bridge with authentic Italian cuisine after migrating over from Italy.

A mix of Northern and Southern fusion, the recipes have been passed down and perfected in their superior kitchen where the freshest ingredients come together in amore! After leaving everything behind, and coming to the land of opportunity, a dream was born. A dream which included providing a safe haven for families to enjoy all of the delicious meals that were missed from back home in Italy. The RoadHouse remains devoted to the same principles and top quality ingredients that it was founded under and that have maintained and solidified it’s elite status throughout the years.

Sticking with Italian traditions and classic favorites, Mark was also inspired to develop a few of his very own established dishes which highlight and tie up the menu. Expert chefs join forces in the kitchen to ensure a true dining experience guaranteed to catapult you into ecstasy with every bite. The RoadHouse is on a mission to create happiness and memories through a content, belly full of real Italian specialties. As seen featured in the New York Times and Daily News, The RoadHouse has achieved several accolades and much praise from the most credible news sources in the tri-state area.

The RoadHouse is not just famous as a family business, but it’s sophisticated and rustic atmosphere accompanied by their world renowned Clam Pizza. The ambiance is designed to ensure a cozy, family-style vibe credited to their unique stone fireplace, top-shelf, full service bar, and flawless dining area. The beautiful décor and event rooms offer the perfect venue to house your guests, complete with ample space for music, dancing, special moments, and day to remember. A decadent catering and take out menu, promises amazing food from their kitchen to your door for any occasion.

At The RoadHouse, you will feel like every hour is happy hour!


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