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Trendy Wardrobe Basics & How to Wear Them

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We have all had those morning moments where as we stand and look at the items within our closets. As we gaze, we have that strong feeling that there’s just something missing or the contents within are just not cutting close to the latest trends that are swirling around us. Within this passage, we will take a second to go through all the wardrobe basics that pretty much every female should have or something close to it just to fulfill the bare minimum of a trendy closet.

 Dark Denim

Lets start off discussing bottoms, what’s out there, and what you should actually own. A good array of denim jeans is an absolute mandatory section to have housed within ones closet. I understand that denim fits and selections can be very intimate for most females, but there are ways around picking the wrong fit for your body type. I personally feel that almost every girl can rock a pair of skinny jeans when styled correctly. Choosing a darker wash of denim is a great choice for women that want a nice clean finish and slimmer look. While a lighter wash denim can make a curvy figure appear even more curvier than it actually is. A darker wash denim is like the classic for all denim jeans. When I say darker denim, I mean a darker indigo wash with minimum fading and stone washing. When going with this wash, its easy to pair your bottom with most tops. Darker denim looks amazing with crisp white, cream, coral and grey casual tops. When choosing what denim brand is good for you, stay away from back pocket detailing, large stitching, and the rise of the jean is crucial. Added detailing on jeans can make it hard to match with tops that you own, which will in turn make you feel like you don’t have many options in your closet. The perfect rise of  jean is major when wanting to avoid the dreadful muffin top! If a mid rise is what your body requires, DO NOT be ashamed to purchase that fit. Most girls need a mid rise and don’t even know it!

 Go Grey

Adding on to your denim collection, I am a firm believer that everyone should own at least one good pair of grey jeans and at least one fun color denim! Grey jeans are great to have when you want to go for a more edgy, rocker look! They look amazing with a fresh white tee shirt and a fitted leather jacket and flats. The fall/winter season is a great time to try out grey bottoms, for they look great with nice cozy sweaters and boots! Grey is a nice, neutral color that can take your most basic look to another level. Colored denim is another item that can be very intimate to the wearer. Brightly colored denim are fun for the spring and summer for a fun, fresh, bubbly look to wear along with tanks and loosely fitting blouses. I believe that a nice start to the colored denim realm would be to start with a clean Maroon. Maroon colored denim can create an extremely chic look when paired with a fitted blue denim button up and a white tee shirt underneath or even when paired with a casual grey top and black shoes. This color blocking will have all your friends and family thinking that you are soo chic and trendy!

 The Basic Tee

Now lets make our way to basic tops. When choosing tops, these are the most trendiest of pieces over all. The style of tops change almost every week. Basics that everyone should own would be basic tee shirts consisting of grey, black and white. These are great layering pieces and can be styled with scarves and different necklaces to create an endless number of different looks. Currently, loose and flowy tops are all the rage ranging from solid colors to prints. Lighter weight blouses with fabric selections of silk or chiffon are great to choose from. Although the blouse may be loose and flowy, a semi transparent silk or chiffon blouse can easy be layered with a fitted tank to show an actual figure underneath. For all the daring to be sexy women, a simple black or nude bra can be your under layer depending on the top and the event. Structure button up tops are great to have to be worn with jeans as well. They give off a more tailored put together look and when accessorized with a fun statement necklace, it takes the reputation of a button up shirt from corporate business lady to chic New Yorker. Not just jeans but these structured tops are great with tailored ankle pants and shorts in the summer and spring time.

Always Layer

Next, lets discuss our outer layers. I’m sure there are many of you out there that think jackets and coats only serve the purpose of keeping us warm. This statement is far from the truth. Jackets and outerwear can serve as the cherry on top of an amazing outfit! Basics of outwear that we all should own would have to be a nicely fitting denim jacket with a good medium fade and distressing, and a good fitting leather jacket that fits well in the shoulders and around the bodice and hits at the high waist. These two pieces can be thrown on top of any simple top and jeans to give the illusion that you spent far more time to get ready than you actually did! Denim jackets look great with grey bottoms, black jeans, along with any other colored denim. The idea of denim on denim may scare more than a few of you but as long as the two denims are different colors and are blended well with a white, black or grey top, you’re ok! Leather jackets are great to have in order to pair with trendy ankle booties, to layer with a fitted dress for those chilly nights, and for that edgy rocker look with destroyed jeans and/or shorts.

Flattering Flats

Lastly, lets discuss shoes that every girl should own for a nice starter, casual wardrobe. Flats are staples that I’m sure every women understands, although the selection of which flat to get can get dicey. I believe that a subtle pointed toe flat looks great with jeans for a semi-dressy look. Not only that but a pointed toe flat can help you appear taller providing that it give a visual extension to shorter legs. When purchasing flats, stay clear of gaudy details and attachments, for they can quickly limit your outfitting options. Along with a good flat, every girl should own a thin soled sneaker. In example, Converse are great to own. They look amazing with cute flirty skirts in the summer for a sporty look. They also work well with denim jeans and shorts in the summer. Its an easy shoe to pair with outfits due to the fact that they’re classics and easy maintenance. Not to mention, they look even better once worn in!

 Ankle Boots

The latest trend for shoes seems to be the ankle boot. Ranging from flats to a medium chunky heel. These are great to own for cute, shabby chic, day wear and can even be paired with a nice blouse and jeans for going out at night. Dark brown leather ankle boots are great with the dark denim jeans that we have discussed throughout this article along with those grey and  colored denim bottoms. Black ankle boots with a good height can be paired with skirts and dresses in replacement to heels for certain looks also.


Now you have it! The basics of every woman’s closet and a snippet of how to style them. Of course, as mentioned, these are just the bare minimums. I suggest that everyone tries out these basics and get comfortable with styling them. Then venture out to more detailed selections within such genres. There are millions of colored and patterned bottoms to play with. Thousands of colors, prints, and patterns of tops and blouses to mix and match. Tons of outerwear to be used for layering options. And as we all know, thousands of shoes that we feel like we need! Every girl and everyone has the opportunity to be a fashionista. It all just starts with a good foundation.


Ever since I was a young boy, I had a love for clothing. I remember walking through various stores just feeling the fabrics and turning the garments inside out just to look at the construction of each piece. I knew that the fashion industry was a creative realm that I had to be part of. With that in mind I made my way through college and graduated with my Bachelors Degree in Product Development with an initial emphasis in Fashion Design. I've completed the trek from the Midwest all the way to the Golden State of California to take my place in the fashion world and take a stand for self expression and creativity. What excites me the most about fashion is the opportunity to completely morph yourself into different styles daily! The chance to try new things and set yourself apart from your neighbor. Its a glamorous and fascinating world. Through my written word, I hope to express my passion and the love I have deep down for fashion world. I also want be that helping hand for all of those that know they have it in them to be trendy and chic but may not know just exactly what to put together, from the items within their closet to execute successful daily looks. I hope that my words are helpful, encouraging and most importantly, helps to build confidence within each reader!

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