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Band of Outsiders

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Scott Sternberg takes you through a journey of classic, well-structured pieces reinvented.

The Band of Outsiders Spring 2015 collection is distinctly inspired by the preppy American style of the mid Sixties but with a modern twist.    The line is full of classic shapes such as trench coats, sweaters, sweatshirts and trousers, but that is where classic ends.


Think Mad Men style trench, the barbeque dad style cardigan and shorts meets the psychedelic hipster.  This season introduced  a collaboration with Mackintosh, bringing three “MACs” into the lineup. The “Inside Out MAC” highlights the construction of the jacket by its literal inside-out design.   “Grommets Gone Wild MAC” plays with the idea of an impenetrable raincoat by strategically placing grommets all over the coat which are more so fashion then function. For the “Future MAC” Band created in the lightest nylon possible with uniquely enameled traditional style buttons.  The holographic images, abstract shapes, dashes of color and adornments of rivets take these pieces from boring to humorous.  Look for this Band of Outsiders collection to hit the shelves early spring 2015.




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