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Is that a Cigar in your Pocket? If so, there’s a cigar lounge in Brooklyn that would be happy to see you.

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Apart from the obvious smoky aroma immediately filling the nostrils upon setting foot in Diamante’s Brooklyn Cigar Lounge, the atmosphere sets a mood; an emotional response; a sense of comfort; all culminating in the conclusion that this is more than just a place to light up a stogie. Although you might have known that vaping (Go to this site to discover the most advanced vaporizer in the market) is the trend now, there are still people who would like to go for a cigar.

This is exactly what owner, David Diamante had in mind when he opened the small cigar lounge in Fort Greene, Brooklyn back in 2009. “Brooklyn needed this,” David explains. “People here are very busy and they need a place they can get away to where they can relax, get together with friends, watch a ball game… whatever, all while enjoying a fine cigar.”

But it was more then a desire to fill a need in Brooklyn for David. Not only is he a tobacconist extraordinaire, he has familial ties to the borough dating back a few generations and he himself has a lifetime of Brooklyn memories from childhood to present day. Oh, and he’s also the voice of the Brooklyn Nets and calls games for the team at the Barclays Center, a mere few blocks away from his cigar lounge.

Of course, David Diamante was “Brooklyn” long before the Nets, and his cigar lounge was open well before the Barclays Center, but the location, décor and atmosphere are also very intentional. “It’s exactly what it should be for Brooklyn,” he says. “It’s near transportation (The Lafayette Ave. “C” train subway station is literally steps away while the Fulton St., Pacific St., and Atlantic Ave./Barclays Center are nearby and the Long Island Railroad Atlantic Terminal can even bring in smokers from the eastern suburbs and Queens.), it’s in a Brownstone, and it’s a lazy ‘L’ (the layout of the lounge itself). It’s not too big so as to be impersonal and not so small that it’s uncomfortable.” It’s true. The setting and layout make it a very inviting and unassuming environment conducive to both private conversations and general mingling alike.

He further explains that cigar smoking differs from cigarette smoking in a number of ways, the first being that people smoke cigars as a hobby, not a habit. “People smoke cigars for three reasons: conversation, contemplation and celebration. This cigar lounge is an ideal place where you can do all those things.”

He has been pleasantly surprised by the lounge’s draw among women clientele. “When I first opened up, I envisioned this place becoming something of a man cave,” he recalls, “but women are coming in more and more and it’s great.” Wednesday is now Ladies’ Night at Diamante’s and he even hosts a “Cigars and Stilettos” night that draws local businesswomen to the lounge even more. “These are the powerful, decision making women of New York City,” he says. “They come in dressed in professional outfits complete with stiletto heels, all to network, chat and smoke cigars. It’s a party atmosphere.”

Although anyone is welcome at Diamante’s, the lounge offers a membership incentive. For an annual fee, members get their own humidified lockers on site and are notified about special offers and events throughout the year. The cigar lounge doesn’t serve food or drinks, rather it’s a BYOB atmosphere in compliance with NYC laws. Diamante’s does have a flat screen television and reading materials on hand, but the true focus is on the cigars.

David sells top selections of the world’s finest cigars as well as his own exclusive blend. Diamante cigars are David’s own choice tobacco blend and are rolled at his own facility in the Dominican Republic, but the only place you can buy them is at his Brooklyn cigar lounge.

With people finding more and more reasons to discover Brooklyn in recent years, Diamante’s Brooklyn Cigar Lounge is a great little discovery as well. The next time you find yourself in Brooklyn, stop by for a smoke. The lounge is located at 108 South Oxford St., Brooklyn or visit


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