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Kal Rieman: NYC’s Most Luxurious Fashion House

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New York’s Most Luxurious Fashion House Brings House of Cards Style to Your Wardrobe

Everyone’s definition of luxury varies. It is evident that some of the different fashion houses have offered exquisite shows and entertained us, but after looking at different collections behind the scenes, I came across a fashion house that brings the most luxurious quality back to fashion.

Kal Rieman is making its mark with its high quality wardrobe building collection. A former financial professional, designer Cally Rieman worked in menswear at Castelbajac in Paris and Tommy Hilfiger in New York, prior to starting her fashion house.

Cally explains that her experience inspired her to create a collection with the same versatile, core elements for women.

“One of women’s biggest struggles is what to wear on a daily basis, especially in a professional environment.”

When time is of the essence and fashion is a must, Kal Rieman’s line makes it easy to instantly find the perfect outfit. Each piece compliments another in its collection. These effortless, luxurious pieces make it easy to walk out in style. You can go from the office to cocktail hour or an event and still look fabulous. They are timeless pieces that everyone can wear in many different ways. The concept of wardrobe building is an innovative approach to fashion. It’s not your traditional power suit; it’s a classier variation. You can still feel the power and confidence without sacrificing a feminine touch. One can take a piece from the 2013 Fall Collection and it pairs beautifully with a piece from the 2015 collection. She works with Italian and Japanese Mills to bring some of the most beautiful high thread count fabrics to life.

“It’s a collection where most women love the fit and will buy several of the same pieces to complement their everyday wear.”

Each piece is fresh and on point with what is going on in the market without being over the top. This fashion house balances fun fabrics with a conservative cut and/or vice-versa. It takes neutral colors and gives it a forward cut to add flair and details that make it edgy, yet classy enough to throw on anything within its palette.

Some of Kal Rieman’s high profile clients are, Somers Farkas, Edie Falco, and the up and coming Jess Weixler. Kal Rieman is making noise in small high-end boutiques across the US. It’s growing at a rate where it can deliver the best quality and services for its customers. “We are trying to establish the best relationships with boutiques that are a great fit for us and where we can mutually benefit with excellent quality and high fashion.”






“This season we were trying to build a wardrobe out of “the new suit.” By combining classic styles with modern minimalism in luxurious fabrics, any woman is bound to discover her newest staples.”


Check out Kal Rieman’s Collection at www.kalrieman.com.


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