Only the Best at The Arnold in 2015

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The Arnold Sports Festival is the pinnacle event in fitness and bodybuilding.  It began in 1989 and is named after the most famous man in body building, Arnold Schwarzenegger.   The Arnold is held every year at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio.  It is a non-stop who’s who of experts and stars in the fitness, nutrition, and sports equipment industries.  All of the most successful figures in bodybuilding attend and use the Arnold as a platform to promote themselves, their products, and their physiques.  The Arnold is capped off by several cheerleading and fitness competitions, including its signature event, the Arnold Strongman Classic.

Since its inception in 1989, the ASF has had a rivalry with Joe Weider’s Olympia Weekend and its signature competition Mr. Olympia.  Prior to starting the Arnold, Arnold Schwarzenegger himself won the Mr. Olympia title from 1970-1975, and again in 1980.  As both events have grown in stature, many debate which the better festival to attend is, and whose signature event winner is the real winner.  Although there may not be an agreement any time soon, one thing is for sure, and that is that the biggest stars in the industry go to the Arnold.

Among the stars attending this year was Liz Gaspari, supplement mogul, and a female leader in an industry dominated by men.  Liz has long been known for her ability to be successful in situations she should not and is famed for helping push Gasapari Nutrition from the startup company she helped create to the global supplement giant it became.

Liz’s exhusband Rich Gaspari won the inaugural Strongman Classic in 1989, helping the pair make a name for themselves in the world of bodybuilding, and helping to propel them to together launch Gaspari Nutrition, which became one of the largest lines of supplements across the globe.  Liz has since separated herself from Gaspari Nutrition, but she continues to plug away like the industry leader she is.  Liz is currently gearing up to launch a new product line.  With her supplement expertise and business savvy, her line promises to be every bit as successful as Gaspari Nutrition, both in terms of effectiveness and overall sales.

Although a release date for her much anticipated line of supplements has yet to be unveiled, Liz is expecting to unleash her powerful formulas to the masses just in time to spring set everyone into official beast mode season- Summer 2015!

The public anxious awaits her declaration of independence with this new product line- and just like with everything in which she touches, she is prepared to make waves!



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