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Rain Dove: The Model / The Gender Capitalist

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Photo Credit: Leon Bernstein

Photo Credit: Leon Bernstein

Rain isn’t just a fashion statement. Rain has a degree in genetic engineering and civil law. She recently spoke at The World Information Architecture Day about the architecture of gender design and will be featured in NPR’s Moth Talk at the end of May.

A few days ago she attended the Ebola & Beyond Red Carpet event at the UN and made a statement, “If you can afford to buy the clothes I am wearing, you can afford to make a difference.” It was a bold message conveyed to her clientele and made noise across the airwaves.

Rain Dove’s androgynous features make her one of the most talked about models of New York’s Fashion World. Rain is trekking the male and female runways and turning heads.

“No one needs to know my gender unless we are “mating”. Your network is your net worth and you don’t want to be one-dimensional, because the platform you’re going to be seen on (online media) is just a swipe.”

Rain’s mission is to eradicate the gender lines and do what Rain wants. The persona is not limited by what she can do or he can do. Many women find themselves limited by gender stereotypes and concede to settle with the destiny created by society. The same goes for men. One should be able to pick and choose what they want to do without society frowning upon it.

“One thing that is really important to me is if people ‘have to’ know what I am that they ask about my sex not my gender. Gender is a socially constructed thing. Once you use words like him or her, you immediately divide society in half and you take away half of the potential that person is capable of. I don’t bring about the fact we should be divided it’s that we should be united. For me it’s more about being more than a model, but a movement towards a more united future.”

Some of Rain Dove’s Work:

Oxygen Network- Living Different

“Dyke Central” Coming out April 10th 2015 – Mynah Films




Photo Credit: Dorian Clive

“The whole point of fashion and why it’s cool is because it promotes being unique and being confident. The most unique thing is to be yourself, and the only person you need to be confident in is yourself. Wear what you want.”

Unisex: Dorian & Clive – Vogue Shoot, Nigel Barker

Photo Credit: Pete Hopkins

Photo Credit: Pete Hopkins

Male: Calvin Klein, Duckie Brown, Eckhaus Latta, Malan Breton, Punk Couture, Rochambeau, Publish


Behind the scenes at Chanel Shoot, Photo Credit: Matt Licari

Photo Credit: Brandon Caffrey

Photo Credit: Brandon Caffrey

Female: Berenik, Chanel, Chromat,José Duran, Sergio Alain Barrios, Victor De Souza, Victoria’s Secret, Vivienne Hu, just to name a few.

-Named the Top 7 Male Models to look out for in the US – The Dapifer

-Winner of the Shewired’s Most Eligible Lesbian (Beat out Ellen Paige)

Q. What are some of your favorite Unisex, Female and Male collections?

A. One of my favorite emerging men’s brands is Ace Rivington, favorite unisex line is Sir New York favorite emerging women’s brand is Berenik.


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