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Spring Style: Distressed boyfriend jeans

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The boyfriend fit jean has been in our vocabulary for quite some time. Its a looser fitting jean for women resembling a pair of jeans that you would find in your boyfriend’s closet. Sits lower on the hip, looser fitting through the thigh down to the ankle. This Spring season, the boyfriend jean would be a great staple bottom to own. Not only is the pant comfortable to wear, but it can also be very sexy if worn correctly.

There are a few things to be careful with when purchasing a boyfriend jean:

Make sure not to get them too baggy. A baggy boyfriend jean can appear sloppy and literally look as if you rolled out of bed after a night staying over at your guy’s house and grabbed the first pair of pants that you saw lying on the floor.

Make sure not to get them too long. A boyfriend jean should just hit the ankle bone. They should be long enough where you can do a loose roll at the bottom and still have them hit mid to high ankle.

This Spring, look to purchase a nice fitting boyfriend jean in a light blue denim color and also in black. Distressed jeans with hints of fading and holes starting from the high thigh region down to below the knee. A few outfitting ideas include pairing these bottoms with a nicely fitted tee shirt, small tuck in the front, roll the bottom of the pant to high ankle and pair them with a pointed toe pump or slip-on sneaker for the sporty chic look.

Image above: Greg Lauren, Dsquared² & Iro Jeans


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