That truth may not be the only truth.

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A familiar face. A presence that was sculpted in stone. A perspective transitioned by a simple moment. Shedding layers of ourselves for the sake of acceptance. Curiosity of the other driven by pleasure. Granting ourselves the gift of vulnerability.

Life has a peculiar way of showing its inhabitants that what we had believed to be true, may not be the only truth. Familiarity is our comforting place, it’s easier to be content with what we know. Sometimes though awakening interest can be the most meaningful in our lives, so why be content?

Granting expertise of ourselves is not easily done, however, it has an alluring appeal. The inquisition of the unknown. What may happen. The hopefulness. The fullness. The Smiles. The Memories. That’s the reward.

Allegiance should never be forced, it should be hoped for. There should be mutual comprehension of the uncertainty of the award. It could be taken away as fast as it was established, but the beauty should not be wasted. It should be cherished. Be happy it happened.

Take comfort in knowing some of the most beautiful things in life could last only a few moments. A child’s first steps, shooting stars, smiles.

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