Top 5 Beauty Tips to Take You Through 2015

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Donna Fay, better known as the Beauty Expert*TM, Resident Expert at the office of Dr. Steven Pearlman, MD in NYC  has some tips for you regarding yearly beauty regimes and trends to follow.


WINTER: Baby, it’s cold outside! Along with the winter cold comes extra dry and tender skin, which is why using an emollient moisturizer during the cold season is a must! The skin’s normal protective “oil barrier” is depleted during the winter months due to exposure to the elements. Wind, snow, rain, you name it: it strips your skin from moisture.

Donna recommends using Nia Cream, to help keep your skin dewy, hydrated, and above all else- moisturized.

SPRING: It’s time to switch up your treatment routine. Look for something that will help remove dead skin cells that have accumulated during the cold, brittle months. The Beauty Expert*TM recommends Micropen, also known as micro-needling. During the procedure, a wand with tiny needles attached to the tip is glided across the surface of the skin, smoothing out all imperfections.

“This treatment is especially beneficial for those with acne scarring. It’s a non-invasive way to smooth the skin, quite painless, and depending on the intensity, yields little-to-no downtime. Truly a breakthrough treatment for uneven texture, and result-producing,” Says Donna.

SUMMER: Bring on the heat. We all know who likes to make an appearance this time of year. You guessed it: Mr. Sun. As the sun’s rays beam down, many of us tend to squint more. Especially during those long days at the beach. All that expression can produce lasting “lines” and wrinkles around the delicate eye area.

Botox is a great way to relax the muscle under the skin that moves when a person squints, and reduce the chance of developing “Crow’s Feet”.

FALL: Once again, as we go from the long lazy days of summer into the cool hustle and bustle of fall, it’s time to switch things up. Many people develop sun-induced hyperpigmentation during the summer months, or commonly referred to as “brown spots.” The fall is a great time of year to evaluate the overall complexion of your skin, and brighten it up. Melanocytes, or pigment producing cells, lie deep under the skin’s surface.

Beauty expert, Donna Fay, recommends a treatment regimen, such as a chemical peel, coupled with a strict skincare routine to combat dark spots and return the skin to a more even-tone. “It’s better to treat pigment chemically, with peels and topical products, vs. mechanically, like a microderm or scrub, because the pigment cells are deep under the skin’s surface. The right chemical peel and product can penetrate through to the root of the problem and brighten up the skin dramatically over time.”

As the seasons come full circle, Donna has 3 simple “Quick Tips” for you to follow all year round.

“Very simple, and very affordable for everyone!”- Donna Fay

#1 Get your beauty sleep nightly

#2 Drink 6-8 glasses of water per day

#3 Wear a broad spectrum SPF on any exposed areas of skin all year long

With plenty of rest and plenty of hydration, it equals plenty of prevention.

Those 3 simple concepts are a staple and the foundation for a youthful, beautiful appearance, both inside and out! Taking care of your health should always come first.


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Written Source:  Beauty Expert*TM Donna Fay


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