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CoverMoney Therapist Holly Signorelli, recently released her second and highly anticipated book, Do You Know Where Your Money Is?® The 92 page self-help book dives into how one’s emotions, habits and hidden addictions often impact their debt savings and spending. It furthers outlines step-by-step how consumers can shift their perceptions about money, stop making emotional and fear-based decisions and bring abundance back into their lives. The new book has received rave reviews and solidified Holly as this generation’s Money Therapist as referred to by Glamour Magazine, Huffington Post and LUCKY.  Holly has over 20 years of experience as a CPA handling thousands of corporate and individual clients. Her goal is to equip consumers and business owners with the necessary tools to replace bad spending habits with new concepts that will allow them to feel positive about their finances again.

In addition to her CPA firm, Holly serves as the president of Holly Global Media, Inc. Holly Global Media, Inc. was established to provide books, blogs, videos and magazine articles to the general public on topics about the IRS, budgeting, saving and spending, and most of all, allocating funds to enjoy the luxuries as well. She has a unique perspective on balancing money to fit your personal goals and lifestyle.

“I believe that people, regardless of their income levels, all make the same emotional and fear-based decisions when it comes to money. As a result, it is my personal and professional goal to educate consumers and investors financially. Anybody’s financial epidemic can be change by realigning the way we think about money.”

 -Holly Nicholas Signorelli

Holly1The book is available via Amazon, Kindle and her website. Picked Best Books of 2014 on Amazon.

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