Reputation Is Not Everything, It Is The Only Thing

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“Your reputation is not everything, it is the only thing!” – Thomas La Vecchia


In 2015 there is one simple solution behind the survival of modern business: digital marketing and your online reputation! Protecting your reputation online is what solidifies your place in your industry and elevates your success above a sea of competitors. Local, regional, and national platforms are all fed through a virtual system and filtered by SEO (search engine optimization) rankings, which often times carry a brand or company to advanced levels of prosperity and more importantly…profit!

Reputation management, social media outreach, and creative content marketing, are all key components in hitting target demographics and driving new customer sales and a lifetime of customer retention.

The fact is, almost everyone is on the internet. With various devices attached to every appendage throughout the day, people are searching online for your products and reviewing your company name. Not only does their search need to be made effortless and easy, but one’s reputation needs to be justified and proven time and time again. X Factor Digital Marketing is leading the industry forefront by offering an exclusive formula guaranteeing conversion, monitoring and maintaining your positive reputation across all of the online channels.

X Factor does not just change one’s reputation overnight, nor do they believe in expanding your business based of a false testimony and/or inaccurate feedback delivered to the masses. X Factor breaks down your company’s areas of weakness and implements solutions to correct your core problems allowing you to rebuild your reputation organically through truly satisfied customer strategy to help your increase your brand awareness and increase your company’s bottom line.


The sales guru, turned president of X Factor Digital Marketing, Thomas La Vecchia has established his own superior reputation working with the top tier experts and professionals in the tri-state area. Known for his hashtag #APlayersOnly, Thomas and his team’s innovation have attracted elite talent and widely acclaimed clients.

Full service tools have been provided in the areas of sales, premium content creation and placement, SEO, behavioral/geographical targeting, research analysis, programing and design all by a devoted team of authorities in their craft, capable of driving traffic and increasing sales across the most credible media sources and inevitably conquering the internet.

X Factor Digital Marketing uses reputation as online marketing currency, giving you more real estate on search engine results based upon your keywords. Featured in The Wall Street Journal,, CBS News, ESPN radio, and Fox Business, Thomas La Vecchia explains, “We provide you with the tools for success and our mission is to inspire greatness.”

In 2012, Thomas La Vecchia developed a 4-Step sales process called “The X Factor Selling System”, which became an Amazon best-selling title. Shortly after Thomas’ successful selling system rose in popularity, X Factor set off on a quest to revolutionize everything that people thought they knew about digital online marketing and media buying.

As the online marketing space constantly evolves, X Factor manages to stay cutting edge by infusing their exceptional proficiency and pumping life back into one’s identity. With X Factor’s guidance, your business’ reputation will become your strongest weapon.


Jessica Schirripa is the Content Director for the X Factor team. A public relations maven & a rising media personality, she focuses on developing an identity of her own as creator of CoffeeTawkNJ, Hosting on WCTC & WKMB The Buzz builds her audie ...

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