The Beauty of Bond No. 9

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In terms of American cities known for high fashion, there is really no city that can compared to New York. The Big Apple has become the birthplace for major designers, world-famous fashion shows, and some of the most outstanding trends in fashion. People look to the city for inspiration, and the city never fails to get one’s mind jogging. Bond No. 9 is now bottling up that inspiration with a series of perfumes paying homage to the greatest city in America – and every bottle is more fabulous than the last.

Each section of New York City has its own scent (or multiple) named after it, or a major landmark in the area. Perfumes with names like Chinatown, Brooklyn, Little Italy, and Nouveau Bowery are just some of their more popular scents that Bond No 9 has rolled out with in past years.


Today, we decided to pick our favorite scents for this upcoming fall and spring for women.



Dubbed by the perfume company as “Superpower meets Supercity,” Chinatown is a fresh, flowery and delicate scent that smells good on just about everybody. Much like what the name suggests, many of the notes that make up this fragrance draw upon Chinese culture. Peach Blossom, which is the perfume’s high-energy top note, is known for being a “the elixir of life” among Taoists. Sho Yo, also known as Peony, is included among its middle notes. The base notes are decidedly spicy and Eastern, leaving a uniquely mellowing effect on the wearer – Cardamom and Spicy Woods.

Though there is definitely a heavy amount of focus on Asia in this perfume, it’s not just about China. Adding to the New York side of the scent are rich gardenia, soft patchouli, and mysterious tuberose notes, making this a perfect pick for both the office and the club. Strikingly seductive, attention-grabbing and decidedly upscale, Chinatown is a scent that is rich enough to carry from spring into fall and day into night.

This perfume is one that goes on with an explosive pop of fragrance, then mellows out into a constant uplifting aura of scent. Women who enjoy hyper feminine scents that don’t overpower or have a cliché smell to them will love checking out Chinatown. It conveys that beautiful, feminine, and exotic mystique that so many women are desperate to bring out in their own personal style.


Named after the most culturally diverse borough of the City, Queens is one of those rare scents that has something for everyone. Unlike most scents, which are specifically designed for men or women, Queens has been made to have a unisex appeal that can please both the conservative and flamboyant. The perfume, which was designed to mirror the eccentric, eclectic and all-encompassing style of the Queens borough, is an ideal choice for both men and women who do not like to be boxed in by conventional labels.

Queens manages to walk a very difficult tightrope with its unique balance between the spicy and woody versus the floral and fresh. Top notes such as bergamot and cardamom are equalized with top notes like blackberry. Middle notes, which tend to focus on a mysterious edge in this scent, include tuberose as well as tea-like champaca, and osmanthus. The base notes of sandalwood, benzoin, musk and amber have that beautiful down-to-earth ambiance that tie the entire perfume in together.

For people who love something that has an explosive yet not-overpowering effect, Queens is sure to please. It’s quirkily balanced-out scent will leave people at a loss on how to describe it. It’s fruity, but not really fruity. It’s floral, but not overtly so. It’s spicy, but not in the conventional sense of the word. So, how can one describe Queens accurately? Simple. It’s a universally appealing fragrance that can be worn year-round.

The Real Beauty of Bond No. 9

Bond No. 9 has been seeing an explosion of success throughout the world since its inception in 2003. With its exceptional scents, imaginative designs, and truly amazing sources of inspiration, it’s not hard to imagine this perfume company going down in history as one of the best fragrance companies of the early 21st century.


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