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Nestled in the heart of Midtown, New York City’s Gotham Plastic Surgery is home to two pioneering plastic surgeons, Dr. Philip Miller and Dr. Douglas Steinbrech. Dr. Miller is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon who specializes in a wide scope of procedures for the face and neck. Also a board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Steinbrech’ s focus is the aesthetics of the whole body. This unique combination of subspecialties in one practice provides prospective patients everything they need to care for their aesthetic desires at every phase of life. Two highly-trained, experienced, surgeons in one practice is the not the only difference patients will find when they visit Gotham Plastic Surgery. They will also find a welcoming environment designed to make patients feel comfortable, complete with a freshly made cup of coffee, a comfortable waiting area, and a friendly staff ready to help them through every step of the process.  “We are committed to delivering an exceptional experience, with uncompromising results. That starts with the first phone call and carries through their entire experience with our office,” says Dr. Miller.

The Natralook Process

The Natralook process was designed by Dr. Miller with the vision of creating a framework to ensure every patient has the very best experience possible. During his years in private practice, Dr. Miller recognizes that the steps toward achieving one’s desired results can be quite an intimidating experience. Those concerns prompted him to create The Natralook Process™, which focuses on developing a unified vision between the doctor and the patient before any procedural steps are taken. “Exploring your options should be an exciting and stress free experience and a life changing opportunity, not an anxiety producing venture,” says Dr. Miller. In its most basic form, The Natralook™ Process is simply how they manage their business – from the first phone call to the practice all the way through the post-operative care period.  According to Dr. Steinbrech, “the ultimate goal for any patient in our practice is to always ensure they leave our office looking natural, not over-treated.”

During the consultation, The NatraLook™ Process uses a series of steps to help the patient communicate clearly what it is they would like to change or refine about their appearance. Using the information gathered, Dr. Miller and Dr. Steinbrech will create computerized images, schematics and diagrams to aide in the planning of the procedure. To ensure they remain focused on the end result, the images that were created are saved into the patients chart and posted in the operating room for referral by the physician during the procedure.

Dr. Philip J. Miller

A native of Newton Massachusetts, Dr. Miller knew at an early age he wanted to be a surgeon. In fact, he credits one very famous TV doctor as his inspiration – the one and only “Hawkeye Pierce,”  played by Alan Alda, from the hit TV show M*A*S*H.  While watching Mr. Alda initiated his desire to become a surgeon, he credits his artistic ability to his mother, who is an accomplished artist, sculptor and painter. “I always had the desire to make things better. Becoming a facial plastic surgeon allowed me the opportunity to do this – first as a surgeon then as an artist,” says Dr. Miller.

Dr. Miller has dedicated his more than 20 year career to the practice of facial plastic surgery. He explains “as a person gets older, the face ages just like the rest of the body. In my practice we provide patients with an entire scope of procedures that will help them gracefully handle the many signs of facial aging.”

As with any practice there are certain procedures that are more popular among patients than others. For Dr. Miller one of the most common procedures he performs is rhinoplasty.  For many patients rhinoplasty is simply cosmetic to adjust the shape or look of their nose. For others, the procedure will provide breathing or sinus pain relief due to a medical abnormality inside the nose. Regardless of the patient’s request, the ultimate goal is to give an end result that aligns with their desires while maintaining a completely natural look. For many of Dr. Miller’s patients, choosing him was not a hard decision as he has performed rhinoplasty procedures on patients across a vast array of ethnicites, skin types and ages.

Many patients facing the aging process complain of drooping and wrinkled skin, creases around the sides of the mouth or loosened fat and skin that have led to jowls, causing their youthful and healthy appearance to fade away. Luckily, a rhytidectomy, also known as a facelift, can restore that youthful appearance once again. Facelifts are a popular procedure that are often performed alongside an eyelid surgery, also called an eye lift or blepharoplasty. “Eyelid procedures are for the patient who has developed bagginess around the lower eyelids or excess skin or “hooding” on the upper eyelids,” says Dr. Miller. Patients who just want a “refreshed look” are often candidates for a microlift, or as Dr. Miller calls it, the one finger lift. This procedure “lifts” the face giving the appearance many women have when their hair is pulled back in a ponytail.

Historically, the majority of patients interested in rejuvenation and transformation of the face have been women. Dr. Miller says over the last three-five years, he has seen a significant increase in the number of men now seeking these treatments.  “The social stigma that existed in the past regarding cosmetic surgery decreased dramatically over the last five years. Many men are now feeling more comfortable seeking treatments to help them maintain their appearance.”

Dr. Miller feels strongly that everyone should use their abilities to give back to their community. Dr. Miller lends his expertise to the victims of domestic violence abuse through The American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery Face to Face Program. “I consider it an honor and a privilege to be part of the healing process for these victims. If I can use my expertise to make their lives a little better, then it’s completely worth every minute I can spend with them.”



Dr. Douglas S. Steinbrech

Dr. Steinbrech discovered his passion for medicine during his college years. As he began to research specialties, he realized that plastic surgery was like no other medical specialty – it was a unique marriage of skills where technique and creativity join together. Looking back on his career, he says “I really enjoy the fact that every patient is different; it’s always something new.”

Dr. Steinbrech’ s practice focuses mostly on procedures of the body. One of his most popular procedures for the female population continues to be breast augmentation to enhance the size of the breasts.  Over the years, implants have evolved significantly and today women and their surgeons have many different options to choose from.  Dr. Steinbrech firmly believes that the newest type of implant, called “The Gummy Bear” implant, is the best option for women who desire a natural breast enhancement. Dr. Steinbrech says “with the gummy bear implant, I am able to give women an implant with more volume that still retains a natural look and feel, which is truly what women are looking for when seeking breast enhancement surgery.” Dr. Steinbrech is also proud to offer one of the largest selections of implant sizes and shapes in his on-site operating facility on the east coast.

Over the last three or four years, Dr. Steinbrech says he, too, has seen a steady increase in the number of men desiring cosmetic procedures.  “One trend we see is that people are considering procedures because of the role they play in the public eye. For example, models, musicians, and actors are among the population of people concerned with maintaining their outward appearance,” says Dr. Steinbrech.  He goes on to say “we are also seeing more and more fathers who have spent the last several years of their lives focusing on raising a family and now feel that they want to re-focus on their health and appearance, just like mothers.”  Another area of growth that Dr. Steinbrech discusses is the older generation of men, CEO’s and Boardroom Executives. This group of men are finding themselves across the table from younger executives who are fit and have a strong appearance, and in many cases they feel that maintaining their physical appearance gives them a competitive edge in the boardroom.

Dr. Steinbrech recently introduced a relatively new procedure set for his patients called abdominal sculpting. Also known as “ab-sculpting” for short, this procedure is for both men and women looking to achieve a more defined abdominal area.  For men, many patients are looking to get “their six pack” back or maybe they never really had defined abs and now want that chance. Dr. Steinbrech’ s technique allows him to “sculpt” the abdominal area using advanced liposuction techniques that can provide patients with well-defined Gladiator Abs or more subtle Surfer Abs. This procedure is really geared at giving men the abdominal results that they desire the most, that they simply can’t get themselves even after hours a week doing cross fit boot camps.

Sculpted abs are not just for men. Many women are spending hours doing yoga and pilates each week also trying to gain a sculpted mid-section. As with men, most women reach a genetic wall with age – that point where they just can’t break through to get back the mid-section of their younger years. Using the same advanced liposuction technique Dr. Steinbrech uses for men, women are also realizing the benefits of ab-sculpting.

Dr. Steinbrech is also generous about sharing his abilities and passions with his community. For many years, Dr. Steinbrech has proudly been part of the Lenox Hill Neighborhood House, which provides an extensive array of human services to residents on the East Side of Manhattan. “For me, giving of my time is not an option. I do it because I enjoy giving back to my community. The Lenox Hill Neighborhood House helps so many people each year and I plan to support it as far as I can see into the future.”




Is surgery right for everyone?

As with anything in this world, surgery is not always the right answer for every patient that walks through the doors at Gotham. For many, especially younger patients, Gotham offers a wide array of non-invasive procedures to help with the little issues that bother them the most. “We see many patients each week who simply want to take care of a few small wrinkles or a slight loss of volume,” says Dr. Miller. For those patients there are solutions like Botox (wrinkles) and Juvederm (loss of volume) among others. The beauty of non-invasive procedures is that patients can return to work the same day with little to no downtime at all, and results that in some cases last up to a year or more. “Dr. Steinbrech says, “What’s important to us is that patients look in the mirror and like what they see and in a lot of cases a simple lunchtime injection can do the trick.”

Another thing they both agree on is the importance of skin care for everyone.  Skin is the largest organ on the body, and it’s also the most abused. Naturally, it needs maintenance. When a patient has invested in a cosmetic procedure to change the way something looks, the doctors want to be sure they have all the tools they need to look their very best for years to come.

To help them do this, the doctors hired Licensed Aesthetician, Fabricio Ormonde, who heads the practices Medical Spa. Fabricio is an Aesthetician and Skincare Expert uniquely qualified to support his clients in achieving beautiful, glowing skin. He specializes in anti-aging and skin rejuvenation treatments that help transform his clients’ skin through corrective skin treatments, lasers, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, radio-frequency for body contouring and wrinkles, RX skincare products, and cosmeceuticals.

Fabricio Ormonde is also Gotham’s post-operative skin care specialist. During the first or second post-op visit, Fabricio will see patients alongside the surgeon to evaluate their healing and recommend treatments targeted specifically to each patient. Once the patient is fully healed, Gotham encourages patients to see Fabricio on a regular basis for guidance and recommendations on maintenance treatments and personalized skin care plans to ensure they maximize the lasting results of their cosmetic procedure.

On-Site Surgery Center

One of the many benefits of Gotham Plastic Surgery is the comfort and convenience of their on-site operating room. Gotham is accredited by JCAHO, the same governing body that accredits small hospitals. What this means for patients and their loved ones is that the surgeons and operating room staff follow all the same rules and guidelines as a traditional hospital setting, placing the safety of the patient as their very top priority, in an intimate private setting.

“Being able to perform procedures in our operating suite is such a convenience for patients and their families. Patients don’t need to arrive hours before their surgery only to sit and wait. And their loved ones have a comfortable place to relax while they are waiting. It’s really a win-win for everyone,” says Dr. Miller.

Concierge Fly in Program

Gotham Plastic Surgery is not just an office that sees patients in the New York area, or even just the US. Their patients fly-in from all around the globe including Russia, Qatar, Kuwait, England and Saudi Arabia just to name a few. It’s important to Dr. Miller and Dr. Steinbrech that every patient has an exceptional experience. With patients located in more than 30 different countries, the physicians realize that patients traveling to NYC for procedures will have additional planning not encountered by local patients. That is why the Gotham team developed its “Concierge Program.”

For those not able to come to the office for their initial consultation, Skype has become very popular way for patients to gain information regarding specific procedures. International patients prefer this option because it allows them to meet the surgeon and have an open dialogue regarding their concerns without the hassle of making a trip more than once. If they decide to move forward with their procedure, the Gotham team is able to provide hotel options close to their offices so transportation following their surgery and for any necessary follow-ups is easy. They can also help arrange any ground transportation the patient may need during the course of their treatment through our established relationships with car services familiar with the Midtown area. In addition, they also can also arrange for any recovery care the patient may require, ranging from the first day or two post-operatively all the way to the point at which the patient feels able to care for themselves without assistance. This is especially helpful for those patients who choose to travel alone.  “Each patient is different and their needs while traveling are also different,” says Dr. Steinbrech. “Through our Concierge Fly-In Program, we strive to help patients in any way we can to make their experience exceptional.”

Why Gotham?

Regardless of the concern patients have coming into the Gotham offices, one thing is universal – they are all looking to improve upon something they don’t particularly like about the way they look. Both Dr. Miller and Dr. Steinbrech agree that there is not many things in this world that bring them as much joy as walking alongside a patient’s transformation and seeing their excitement when it’s all over.

For more information on Gotham Plastic Surgery, Dr. Miller or Dr. Steinbrech, visit one of their websites:


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