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Believe it or not, all black is the new color palette for many! The new age goth crave can be seen all over social media and on the streets nationwide. Many may think that it still stands for ones with wicked mindsets, Satanic worship and devilish behaviors but it’s so much more than that.

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With each season change there’s a new trend that pops up. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a look that can be worn year round with small tweaks? Now there is. All black everything. Channeling the NY state of mind, an all black wardrobe can sharpen your look, set you apart from the crowd and provide you with a BADA$$ attitude. There are many ways to interpret this style and execute the look that’s right for you! Here are a few examples.

City Chic: For guys, the look is quite easy. For a city look, a nice tailored Chino or black denim is a must have. The ankle roll shows a sense of style and dedication to the look. Layering a long tee or button up shirt with a denim or leather jacket provides you with a dapper city look that’s extremely good looking and when properly sized, helps show off a chiseled physique. To top off the look, lace up a pair of all black oxfords, ankle or chukka boot. Sliding into a pair of penny loafers is a good idea for a vintage Victorian style.For you ladies out there looking for a dark yet sexy Up-town girl vide, an all black super skinny, leather or faux leather legging is a great option to slim the leg. A pair of all black pointed toe pumps is a must have for this style! The pointed toe will help lengthen the leg and provide you with a business girl sex appeal. Over sized sweaters, tunics and tanks are great counterparts to your fitted bottom and can be extremely comfortable if your day is filled with activities. For layering options, depending on weather, try an oversized blazer, leather jacket or as seen here, a well structured peacoat!

An all black leather tote bag and over sized sunglasses are great accessories for this look!


Punk/Skater: This look for men is probably the most replicated and commonly seen. It has been around for years since the age of rock and roll and metal music. It’s super easy and carefree. The look is compiled of your favorite distressed black skinnies, favorite band or skate brand tee and to top it off, layer a hoodie with a denim or leather jacket. For a play on denim, try using a vintage worn in blue denim jacket. Patches aren’t necessary but they do help to enhance your cool. ๐Ÿ˜‰ For shoe options, your favorite skate shoe or any common street, skate or causal brand such as Vans, Converse, New Balance, Etnie or Nike will do the trick!

Accessories are extremely minimal for this look but a fitted beanie or a flat bill ball cap will do the trick!For the ladies this look is the easiest to execute as well! It resembles the look you have when you are leaving your friends place the morning after a basement show or concert! Worn in distressed jeans can be paired with an old band tee shirt or even a tee that you have stolen from your bf. A distressed tee with a few small holes can be fun and sexy all together. Layer your tee with an oversized cardigan or duster. Super comfy and slouchy. Messy hair to complete the look and throw on a pair of Converses or Vans and you’re ready to hit the streets!

Urban Game: The all black color palette has also taken form within an inner street style. Similar looks can be seen on well known celebs and musicians but here we see it taken shape on my bud Jimmy Q.

The look first and foremost is all about attitude! You have to believe in it to be able to rock it well. For the guys, you have the drop crotch harem pant. This can be seen in faux leather, pointe and loose knits. They are extremely comfortable and fun to wear. A motto style, like the ones pictured are a good option for a more stylized look with zipper details, pin tucks, buckles and even front flaps to resemble a kilt. Pair this pant with a long slender crew neck tee or thermal shirt. Thin, light weight knits are good option for flow of fabric and layering. A leather bomber jacket is a great option for your top layer. It’ll help with the sportish look of the harem pant. To continue with that urban, sport look, lace up a pair of high top sneakers. A fashion sneaker is more preferred over a true athletic sneaker. Keep in mind, we are going for a sporty look, not actually playing sports. A few chain necklaces and chunky rings and tattoos and you my sir are set!ย For the ladies, this girl is all about attitude, good looks and make-up! It’s a mixture between that dark edgy goth and the Urban street style. To complete this look, snag a pair of black shiny leggings or a cool patterned legging from such brand as BlackMilk. Pair those with a black long tank, crop top or bralette. The sexier the better. Layering options can consist of a leather motto vest or cropped leather jacket. Attention to the waist line is crucial in this look.

For accessories, layering long necklaces with chokers, stacked bangles and leather strapped bracelets are all great options. Other accessories to consider are harnesses, oversize sunglasses, wide brim hats, waist belts and arm bands. As for shoes, this look requires a gaudy stacked platform or chucky heel. Check our brands such as Jeffrey Campbell, Y.R.U and UNIF.

Euro Streets: Last but not least, one of my favorite looks! This interpretation of the gothic style is all about the fashion, the silhouette and transition from one piece to the next. It’s similar to the NY style but different in its own way. It’s all about androgyny.For the guys your bottoms can consist of a short black short, ankle pant, leather skinny or just a plain black denim skinny. The tighter the better for this style. This helps keep with the tailored European look. For tops you can do a slender tee with asymmetrical cuts and decals. Long sleeve tees of a longer length are a good option to make the body appear longer and thinner. For a layering option, try drappy jackets, scawl hoodies, capes and blazers. For guys, this look is a chance to play with androgynous styles that you would not have tried before.

For shoes, try a stacked creeper, or platformed Oxford. Other options are black strappy scandals or metallic leather loafers.

Accessories for this look is another chance to have some fun and try new things. A man clutch or small structured bag to hold your belongings are good options. Cuff bracelets and necklaces ranging from chokers to long pendents are all good options depending on the top. Hats such as wide brims or bowlers are good options to think about as well!

Again for the women, an open mind and androgeny is key! For bottoms you can do a black skinny, ankle pant, shorts or mini. Keep your tops simple with a soft knit tee or silk blouse. Nothing too baggy but more delicate and relaxed. Your outer layer is where you want to add on the drama. As pictured here with a motto style long wool jacket with zipper details. Other options are fur vests or jackets, long, floor length dusters or parkas. Also consider dress options such as long tubular maxis or empire waist dresses.

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For shoes, ladies can try black pointed toe ballet flats, black leather ankle boots or oxfords. For a rugged look, try multi-buckled motto boots like the ones pictured here! Jewelry can consist of small finger rings, thin bracelets and bangles. Necklaces options are single strand pearls, layered thin chains or single pendent necklaces. Hand bags should either be structured totes or slouchy hobo bags depending on the finished look.


So there you have it folks! The break down on the new age goth. What’s fun about all these styles is that they all can be mixed and matched. You can take ideas and pieces from each look and come up with a look that works for you! I personally play and dable within all and I must say that it’s extremely fun to take on the personality and attitude that each style provides you with! Keep in mind, fashion is supposed to be fun and unique, wearing all black can appear to be creepy and off putting but when done right, I’m sure you’ll have the coolest outfit out of everyone no matter how creepy or scary you may look! Rock on and stay spooky! ๐Ÿ˜‰



Ever since I was a young boy, I had a love for clothing. I remember walking through various stores just feeling the fabrics and turning the garments inside out just to look at the construction of each piece. I knew that the fashion industry was a creative realm that I had to be part of. With that in mind I made my way through college and graduated with my Bachelors Degree in Product Development with an initial emphasis in Fashion Design. I've completed the trek from the Midwest all the way to the Golden State of California to take my place in the fashion world and take a stand for self expression and creativity. What excites me the most about fashion is the opportunity to completely morph yourself into different styles daily! The chance to try new things and set yourself apart from your neighbor. Its a glamorous and fascinating world. Through my written word, I hope to express my passion and the love I have deep down for fashion world. I also want be that helping hand for all of those that know they have it in them to be trendy and chic but may not know just exactly what to put together, from the items within their closet to execute successful daily looks. I hope that my words are helpful, encouraging and most importantly, helps to build confidence within each reader!

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