The Emerging Bridesmaid Trend Meet the new breed of bridesmaid gowns!

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No longer are they boring and plain but fresh, stunning and sexy!


Your maids definitely won’t run to the nearest thrift store for drop off after the wedding festivities are over! These new gowns are something they can wear over and over again, or at least one more time and feel great about the amount they spent on it.

I am a wedding and lifestyle photographer so I have seen it all! I speak from personal experience when I say that industry creatives are looking for fresh new ways to highlight the wedding day; what better way to give your wedding an edge up on others than by creating a beautifully fashion inspired bridal party. Your maids will thank you, feel great and thus look great providing you with elegant getting ready and bridal party images. The images that we as photographers capture serve two purposes, one to provide you with gorgeous imagery and two to create a impeccably curated collection of images that tells the story of your day with one goal in mind: publication. We want to brag about our clients! We want to share your love story with the world and when we get published, YOU get published! Editors are constantly bombarded with weddings that look all too familiar and are on the hunt to find unique and original pieces to share on their sites, adding fun and trendy gowns to your bridal party is a simple yet sure-fire way your wedding will get noticed by these editors.

I had the opportunity to meet up with Lubna Najjar the head designer and owner of Lubna Designs to chat about her up coming Beyond Bridal Bridesmaid Collection for Winter 2016. There are 9 pieces in this collection ranging in different styles and fabrics, and at least one gown that is meant to fit any body type for the diverse and glamorous bridal party. The deep rich colors and textures convey effortless luxury and the soft lace and velvety fabrics are deliciously comfortable. The pairing of comfort and glamour is ideal for a long yet formal wedding day.

Ladies get ready to see more and more unique bridesmaid gowns as this trend grows into the mainstream market. We are now reaching the point where carefully curated bridesmaid gowns are just as important as bridal gowns. This is exciting news not only for the overall look and feel of your wedding day but also for your bff, she will thank you!


Jessy Howard is the CEO & Founder of The Howard Brand, a fine art wedding and lifestyle photography house based out of Columbus, OH with availability worldwide. She has a driving passion for people and sharing their stories as well as an unprecedented eye when it comes to her work in photography. She possesses the innate ability to transmute her raw imagination and subconscious into physical tangible still-frames that creates a juxtaposition of carefully calculated style and poise in her photographs while simultaneously capturing the moment and movement of the scene as it unfolds. You can book her at and follow her on Instagram and Twitter @TheHowardBrand.

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