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In the world where it is not what you know, but who you know, business networking events are key to expanding your network and your brand.    Both Sergey Mekhtiyev and Petro Zinkovestsky understood this concept when they created UltraPR, a New York City-based networking event group focused on young business professionals and small business owners.  As young professionals, they found a need to find like-minded individuals and bring them together to get their names out and meet potential new clients.

In June of last year, they held their first event which was a success with over 200 people attending.  “Every guest had an amazing time networking and socializing, and the next day we were flooded with questions about the next event. The following month we organized a second event and had an even greater turnout. Ultimately we decided to hold these events on a regular basis and started contacting different venues in order to change up the scene.” – Sergey.  Soon they began hosting at exclusive venues such as Gansevoort Park, Empire Hotel, Pranna, Sanctuary and The Chester.  As their membership grew, they caught the attention of sponsorship companies.  Monster Energy, Bookatailor, Mark Martov at Corcoran Group, Citi Habitats, The Litvak Team at Compass,  Annie Mac mortgages, The Cornerstone Group, Ridge Abstract, Citiscape Architecture, Allstate Flooring, BDBG Marketing, PartyHost, Pinkhasov and Associates, and many others came on board giving the members a more engaging experience. “We continue pushing for innovative ways of engaging with our members and growing the network.” Sergey


What makes your events successful?

The events are so successful because we were able to generate business for ourselves and for the people who attend our events, which expanded the network tremendously.

We always ask our guests who they would like to meet or what their goals are individually and for the business. Then we try to introduce them to another member where they can hopefully collaborate on new ventures.  Members can say with confidence that Ultra PR Events helps them make new connections and grow their professional networks and their businesses, and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for the company.

 What industries do you bring out to the events?  Is it just marketing and lawyers?

“Industries we cater to are young business professionals, real estate professionals, people in finance and small business owners.”

 Do you have themes for your events?

“We do have themes at every event. Last event was geared more to real estate, where this one is geared more to small business owners and different resources that are available to them such as services, programs and new industry regulations, etc.”

 “We always try to have speakers from one or two companies at the events. We usually host a roundtable Q&A first hour of the event. Those who would like to attend can and then stay for the event. This way no one is forced to listen through a “boring” lecture if they are not interested. “

 What is your goal for the future as far as the networking event?

“The future as far as the events would be to create a layered membership where both members, as well as sponsors, can enjoy different perks and access to more exclusive venues as well as products. We always look to grow and implement new strategies to keep guests entertained as well as give an opportunity to grow their network.”

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About the founders:

Sergey Mekhtiyev is the founder of Mekhtiyev Law Firm, and a preeminent New York City attorney specializing in residential and commercial real estate who works on complex commercial, multi-use, and residential projects. Another aspect for Mr. Mekhtiyev’s practice includes general litigation and family law. He is extremely valued by his clients for his vast knowledge and for always being accessible.

Petro Zinkovetsky is a real estate and business attorney.  He had been featured in many publications including New York Observer, Newsweek, Russia Insider and Curbed. Mr. Zinkovetsky counsels first time home buyers and international investors in purchasing real estate in New York, small and midsize businesses, startups, international companies setting up subsidiaries in the US, doctors, health care companies, etc.  He also teaches continuing education courses on legal and real estate topics.

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