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Fendi Frenzi | A Look into Fendi’s Monster Accessories

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Although the luxury brand and its signature dueling ‘F’ pattern have not only  withstood the test of time, but have also secured the Fashion House itself with an air of notoriety. Eye-catching, fabulous furs, and bright colors are just a few of the features that have been garnering attention this season both on and off of the runway.

Fendi monster cover

 During the Fall 2014 season Fendi introduced a new theme that carried on throughout the Ready-To-Wear collection, and began to stock the shelves of luxury department stores internationally. The various Fendi monster accessories come in a variety of colors and sizes, from the elite “2 Jours” bag (which is absolutely 2 die for), to backpacks, totes wallets and even shoes all embellished with monster details. 


As if the cartoon-style carryalls weren’t enough, Fendi also introduced “bag bugs” to adorn on top of each of their mischievous little leather goods. These kooky designs have completely taken the fashion world by storm, allowing those who are fortunate enough to get their hands one of Fendi’s newest creations, looking três Tokyo-chic wherever he or she may decide to roam.  

double fendi bags

Fashionistas hailing from cities across the globe have been photographed with Bag Bugs on their Birkins. Most notably, Celebrity Teen-Icons Kendall and Kylie Jenner, of which hasshown off her personal favorite Bag Bugs via Instagram, even nicknaming one “Fluff-Fluff”. Supermodel GiGi Hagid, Olivia Palmero, Solange Knowles, and numerous other trendsetters have all been photographed wearing monster accessories from the collection. The June issue of Nylon Magazine even pays a small homage to the creative work going on at Fendi, while showcasing several fun pieces from the upcoming collection. 

.Kendall Jenner with Blue Fendi Fur Charm        Elisabeth-von-Thurn-und-Taxis-Solange-Knowles-Fendi-Vogue         olivia-palermo-at-london-fashion-week-burgundy-ox-blood-clutch-bag-and-fendi-animal-pom-pom-keyring-celebrity-front-row-fashion-and-handbag-trends

Fendi also created a “Karlito” Bag Bug modeled after Fashion-Mogul-Designer-Extraordinaire, Karl Lagerfield himself!  Fendi-Bags-Karlito-Bag-Boy-Karl-Lagerfeld-550x368Other High-Fashion options that mirror the style of the oh-so coveted Bag Bugs have recently been produced by other top designers such as Michael Kors, Alexander McQueen, and Phillip Lim.

Michael Kors Pom-Pom $48.00, Macy's

Michael Kors Pom-Pom $48.00, Macy’s

The excitement over these new essentials has created an unprecedented demand worldwide, as most everything featuring a monster accent from the collection is sold out. That being said, luxury resale sites such as lyst, stylebop, and net-a-porter, do have a few pieces from the collection, however due to popular demand, each item is currently being sold at a premium.

Alexander McQueen Pink Fur Key Ring, $275.00, Lyst

Alexander McQueen Pink Fur Key Ring, $275.00, Lyst

For those of you who aren’t too keen on the frightening price tags associated with these creepy-cool accessories, some more affordable options that still have the same furry-feel are available. 

Love the Fendi monster trend? Don’t worry, by the looks of the Pre-Fall collection, it won’t be disappearing anywhere anytime soon.


Kennedy is a Fashion Writer for Social lifestyle magazine who hails from Atlanta, Georgia. As a self-proclaimed fashionista,she dedicates most, if not all of her time to catching up on the latest trends in couture, ready-to-wear, and streetwear from all around the world. Each week Kennedy curates a trend report focused around prominent trends as seen on the runway as well as in the streets. Her articles focus on one trend each week, how to style it, and where to buy it, so that Social lifestyle magazine readers can be ahead of the fashion curve, and the leaders of the stylish revolution.

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