Final Feminine Touch: Caitlyn Jenner

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It’s official. After a long-awaited lifelong journey, former Olympic Champion Bruce Jenner reigns victorious once more- only this time as Caitlyn!



Historically celebrated for breaking athletic records and solidifying his status and title as an American hero, Bruce Jenner has become even more renowned for breaking barriers- as well as the internet! Runs in the family. Ironically enough, Bruce will secure a place in pop culture as a beacon of hope for his recognized achievements and his unrecognizable transition.

Celebrity Park Ave Podiatrist, Dr. Suzanne Levine, is speaking candidly on Caitlyn Jenner’s debut feature spread and addresses an extra special, feminine detail as Caitlyn takes her first steps as a woman into the world. After undergoing transformation surgery procedures and a process of gender altering treatments, the Vanity Fair cover marked her grand introduction and a stylish savvy reveal. Although the cover shot does not display her affection for glamorous stilettos, the inside look gives us an authentic backstage pass into Caitlyn’s passion for fashion- especially sky-high heels! However, Dr. Suzanne Levine asserts the feet have yet to be fully feminized and accredits the dainty appearance to superior airbrushing.


Established photographer Annie Leibovitz discussed the emotional two-day photo shoot for Vanity Fair, going to great lengths to ensure the photos stunningly represented the experience and the spirit of Caitlyn. After all, standing next to the Kardashian/Jenner women, Caitlyn has some big shoes to fill- but, hey, as long as they are fabulous! Hint, hint…- it’s all about the feet. The Dash dolls and the “It” girl Jenners are the epitome of fashion royalty. Their looks are constantly evolving and being copied by adoring female fans. Their designer shoes lead the forefront of style envy around the globe.

-And in the highly anticipated Diane Sawyer interview, Bruce did famously boast Kim’s support and initial reaction, “Girl you gotta rock it … baby you’re representing the family and you’ve gotta look very good!’”

Dr. Levine states, “In many male to female transitions, the feet feminizing procedure is the most important and takes time. It’s also typically the last procedure to be completed.” Feminine feet are not focused on or generally stressed enough as being important throughout the process, however, it can truly be a final and defining factor for creating the most overall, feminine appearance possible. Caitlyn Jenner’s iconic cover will be remembered as an epic announcement for Generation Y for many reasons, but no one ever expected a media knockout! This begins a new chapter and moment for transgender individuals.

‘Red’ bottom line, “Don’t judge Caitlyn until you walk a mile in her shoes!”

Dr. Suzanne Levine is available for interviews via phone or skype to discuss the specifics of the procedure and the lasting effects and benefits added on to completing a gender transition.


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