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To “Rock or Stock” may be one of the greatest dilemmas to any sneaker enthusiast. When is truly the right time to break out a pair of shoes? This is truly a legitimate question, and I believe there is a perfect time, a “sweet spot” to wearing and breaking out shoes.

It seems sneaker releases have been ramped up into overdrive. I have addressed before that it seems like new heat is releasing almost every week. But, with new heat releasing so often, when is the right time to wear it? We are huge advocates of wearing your sneakers, so when we say stock, it’s not saying sitting on sneakers for years without reason.  We are also encouraging any and all of you to wear your sneakers when you truly feel like it. But, timing is truly vital in life, when telling a joke, approaching a beautiful woman, and YES with wearing your sneakers timing is truly important.

I know people that have waited years, to unveil and “Undeadstock” a pair shoes. When I say years I am talking about close to a decade to wear a pair. The longest I have ever waited to wear pair of shoes was a little over two years. This happened for various reasons, personally I never wear shoes when the have just released. Another thing that played a huge part in the delay was I never truly found the right attire to accent the shoes. Now mind you, I wasn’t too pressed nor was I avidly searching for clothes for this shoe. But when I finally found what was perfect for the shoe, I purchased it and wore the shoe months later. When I did eventually wear this shoe it got the exact result I wanted, and have been told that I live for. The shoe was well received and truly refreshing to see.

In my opinion the worst thing you can do is wear a shoe when it just released. I personally hate to see someone buy a shoe on a Saturday morning, and be wearing them when I see them later that day. If that applies to you, well just know I hate you. While I am truly appreciative that the shoes are actually being worn, and weren’t purchased for resale purposes; it makes it less special in my opinion. Wearing a shoe so near its release gives a greater chance of seeing others in the shoe, which in my eyes is a huge no go. I am highly aware of how my next statement will sound, but no one (not just women) wants to be out and see someone in the same thing they are wearing. Then you have this whole who wore it better thing, and if you both didn’t crush it in a unique, and polar opposite way, you have basically wasted the look. In my opinion there is a greater chance of that occurring when the shoe is recent. And seeing the same shoes on everyone is like hearing a song constantly on the radio; no matter how good it is it loses its luster. It gets played out.

With all of that said, when do you wear the damn shoes then? I say wear them when no one is checking for them. Once the hype has died down, and the look you are wearing will actually be appreciated. I mean beyond the fact that we may personally think its dope, isn’t that what we all do it for? People get “dressed” because they enjoy looking nice. If it doesn’t look as nice it almost defeats that purpose.

So to avoid being caught up with the stragglers who were lucky enough to cop, the hypebeasts, the culture vultures that were told these were necessary yet they have no clue why; wait to wear your shoes. Definitely wear them, but wait a little while. I mean I think every shoe looks best in a certain season as well, but that’s another story. And besides any true “enthusiast” knows and has too many shoes to get to something new immediately anyway.


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